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Category: countertop

Custom Countertop Solutions For Unique Kitchen Layouts: Guide From Landmark Surfaces

We often see beautiful kitchens of proper size and shape in promotional photos. They look lovely, and they easily tempt us to remodel our kitchen with custom Countertop. Unfortunately, not all kitchens come in standard sizes, nor are their layouts conventional square. There are a lot of kitchens that have unique shapes and sizes, which require particular planning and materials. In this blog post, we will explore the potential challenges with unique kitchen layouts and take a look at what Landmark Surfaces can do for you to tackle the problem. 

Challenges With Unique Kitchen Layouts with Countertop

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Custom Countertop Solutions For Unique Kitchen Layouts: Guide From Landmark Surfaces 3

Non-standard kitchens create a lot of problems including angled corners, asymmetrical shapes, unusual size requirements…etc. These fundamental problems lead to several practical challenges. Some of the most typical ones are as follows:

  • Limited space
  • Odd corners and angles
  • Non-standard appliance sizes
  • Uneven surfaces and walls

Challenging kitchen space is not the end of the world, but it requires elaborate planning and coordination when it comes to remodeling or replacing the appliances in your home. Most professional contractors or dealers will help you with possible adaptations you might need during the projects.

Custom Countertops

Custom countertops are excellent solutions for those having an unusual kitchen space. Since a non-standard kitchen size and shape allow for only limited aesthetics and functionality, homeowners often find them as life-saving additions to their kitchens. Thanks to custom countertops, you can improve the storage spaces, fit the other kitchen appliances properly while maximizing the kitchen space, and achieve a seamless aesthetic beauty in your kitchen.

Custom countertops are made just for your kitchen. So, they tend to be more expensive than fixed-sized slabs. Also, the installation requires professional help. It is usually not a DIY job.

What Can Landmark Do for You?

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Custom Countertop Solutions For Unique Kitchen Layouts: Guide From Landmark Surfaces 4

Unique kitchen layout requires both aesthetic and functional adaptations. Landmark Surfaces, a leading fabricator and installer of natural and engineered stones in Virginia, Maryland, and DC is here to help you with countertops. 

At Landmark Surfaces, we try hard to provide our customers with the most functional and aesthetic kitchen design. So, we consider both space utilization and design flexibility. Although most of our customers having non-standard kitchens ask for custom countertops from us, we do not sell them straight away. Instead, we take some time to find the best design adaptations for each kitchen. Then, we discuss the potential countertop alternatives (material, size, shape…etc) with our customers. If you simply search “custom porcelain countertops near me”, you will only find a porcelain countertop. However, replacing your existing countertop with another might fail to meet your expectations. Therefore, we handle the problem considering many factors together.

For example, depending on the unique kitchen layout and related problems, we might focus on the shape of the counter, storage options, cooking and safety, alternative countertop materials, multi-level design, dining and seating arrangement…etc. 

As Landmark Surfaces, we believe that having a unique kitchen layout is not necessarily bad. Sometimes, our customers can turn their non-standard kitchen into an advantage. They can have a larger cooking area, cozier dining area, well-organized storage, or multi-leveled countertop or kitchen island.

All in all, if you have a nonconventional kitchen layout, you are always welcome at Landmark Surfaces. We will find the most feasible option for you. You can call us now, or drop by today. We have stores in Chantilly, Fredericksburg, and Alexandria.

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From Maryland to Richmond: The Rise of Quartz Countertops in Home Decor Explanation

Quartz countertops are getting more and more popular in home décor these days. National Kitchen & Bath Association reports that quartz has already taken the lead in popularity from granite, the most popular surface option for many years. Homeowners’ growing interest shows that the global market share of Quartz slabs is to increase more in years to come.

As for the local markets, we can see a similar trend in the USA, particularly in Maryland and Richmond, VA. In this post, we will take a closer look at this highly popular countertop material, Quartz, in Maryland and Richmond, VA. You will learn about the advantages of Quartz compared to other common surface materials such as granite and marble.

What Are The Advantages Of Quartz Countertops?

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From Maryland To Richmond: The Rise Of Quartz Countertops In Home Decor Explanation 7

Quartz countertops are superior in several ways. Some people prefer quartz slabs to other alternatives for just one reason, while others list all the pros and cons of each potential option and choose quartz in the end. Here are the most notable factors that make people opt for this great material:

Easy Maintenance

Quartz countertops are engineered products unlike natural stones such as marble or granite. Fabricators make Quartz slabs by binding natural Quartz pieces using resins and polymers and get a non-porous surface as a result. 

Due to its non-porous surface, Quartz countertops resist everyday scratches and stains. Therefore, they are easy to clean, and they never require sealing or refacing. Homeowners looking for practicality and easy maintenance prefer Quartz stones when they find a chance to replace their old countertops.

Wide Range Of Style

Quartz offers high practicality, but it doesn’t mean you are compromising the aesthetic quality. Quartz slabs come in a lot of colors and patterns. Quartz slabs are never inferior to natural stones in terms of aesthetic beauty. You can find your favorite granite or marble colors made with Quartz. Moreover, there are many unique Quartz designs people love to use in their kitchens. Unlike natural stones, the sky is the limit for Quartz countertops as fabricators can produce slabs in any color or pattern. Whether you like classical or modern, there is always a wide range of Quartz options to choose from.

Smart Investment

Quartz is one of the most cost-effective materials on the market. The cost of Quartz per square foot is somewhere between $80 to $140 while granite is $80 to $180. As for maintenance costs in the long run, Quartz is superior as it needs very low maintenance costs compared to granite. When it comes to resale value, durability matters. Thanks to its strong and hard structure, Quartz stones are incredibly durable, which allows them to look bright after many years.  

Quartz Market In The USA and Virginia

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From Maryland To Richmond: The Rise Of Quartz Countertops In Home Decor Explanation 8

According to a recent report by Maximize Market Research (MMR), the global size of the Quartz surface market was $23.75 billion in 2022 and the total expected revenue is projected to be a CAGR of 5.60% from 2023 to 2029, which is around $34.78 Billion. Other reports also show that the market share of engineered stones like Quartz is increasing rapidly in the USA. The construction sector is growing in Virginia, and Quartz slabs are finding wider appreciation here. A lot of homeowners are seeking Quartz stones for their kitchens or bathrooms nowadays. 

Landmark Surfaces

Landmark Surfaces, which specializes in residential and commercial surfaces, is here to help you with making your dreams come true. We offer a wide range of natural and engineered stones. You can contact one of our stores in Chantilly, Fredericksburg, or Alexandria, VA.