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Smoky Quartzite

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Smoky quartzite appeals to various tastes with its beige background and attractive smoky veins ranging in taupe, gray, and black color. Creating a modern kitchen or bathroom design is pretty easy with this beautiful natural stone. 

As a naturally strong and hard material, quartzite ensures that its durability and strength go beyond your expectations. In addition, the smoky surface will quickly make it easier for you to combine this stone with various design elements.

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Smoky Quartzite Specifications And Applications

The beautiful quartzite stone is distinctive with its smoky shades and veins on a relatively light surface. It makes the surface an easy-matching alternative for those worried about the overall harmony in their places. However, since the monitor settings or photo quality might create differences between the photos presented on the internet or catalogs and the real stone to be installed in your place, you are still advised to see the stone with the naked eye by visiting your contractor. 
The stone is available in 2 cm or 3 cm thicknesses like many other natural stones. Polished finishing would probably, be the easiest to find for you. You can ask your contractor or dealer for other finishing options. 
Smoky quartzite countertops being the most prominent application area, you can use this stone on your bathroom walls or around your fireplace indoors. Also, BBQ and poolside walls are nice outdoor spots to use these quartzite stones.

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Smoky Quartzite?

As this smoky stone is highly durable and easy to match with many other things around, it has a wide range of application areas. Here listed some ideas:

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Vanity tops
  • Bathroom walls
  • Stairs

Outdoor Applications

  • BBQ walls
  • Poolside walls
  • Garden flooring and steps
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Why Should You Choose Smoky Quartzite?

Whether you go with warm or cool colors in your overall design, you can use this moderating stone anyway with its beige to white background and dark veining. The stone does not offer vivid colors itself, yet even the most colorful design ideas are possible around this lovely stone. 

Also, since quartzite is solid and durable, you can use it for many years without worrying about maintenance. 

Smoky Quartzite
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How to Take Care of Smoky Quartzite?

The porosity of the surface is one of the most important points you should consider before buying a slab. Quartzite is almost non-porous, which means simple daily spills will not cause big trouble. Simple wiping the stain with a soft fabric is enough in most cases.

Since harder stains might create problems in the longer term, you can also consider sealing your stone periodically.

Smoky Quartzite

Smoky Quartzite Cost

Quartzite requires greater labor during the quarrying and cutting processes. Therefore, the smoky quartzite price may be slightly higher than granite or marble stones. However, it is still worth buying it, considering the durability and beauty of this gorgeous natural stone.

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Smoky Quartzite FAQ

The beige and white background is heated up by black, gray, and taupe veins.

It is a natural quartzite stone and more durable than granite or marble.

Yes, it offers long service life.

Contractors and dealers in your town will provide you with this product if it is part of their project. However, you can still buy it at home centers or other local suppliers yourself.