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Lagoon Silestone

Silestone Lagoon is an excellent piece of silestone with cold and bright white. If you are already familiar with Bianco Carrara Marble, you can consider Silestone Lagoon as a beautiful rendition of it. However, silestone is much harder as it is a quartz-based engineered stone. 

Like other silestone products, Lagoon offers high-quality with easy maintenance and beauty. Though it is a popular stone for the surfaces in the kitchen, you can use it in many other places in and around your home.

    Silestone Lagoon Specifications and Applications

    Silestone Lagoon comes with superior technical specifications as the other pieces of silestone collections. Quartz crystals make up about 90% of the total composition, and it makes the stone very strong. Special resin and antimicrobial additives are added, and the stone gets even harder and more resilient to scratches and bacteria.

    The stone is available in three different thickness options: 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. The finishing options are polished and suede, as in many other silestone products.

    What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Silestone Lagoon?

    Lagoon Silestone is highly versatile due to its white surface. Here are some design ideas that you can make the most of this lovely stone.

    Indoor Applications

    Outdoor Applications

    • Kitchen countertop
    • Kitchen backsplash
    • Bathroom vanity top
    • Outdoor kitchen worktop
    • BBQ top

    Why Should You Choose Silestone Lagoon?

    Silestone Lagoon quartz is a perfect choice if you are into white tones with a less stark feeling. The cold white statement makes this silestone one of the best choices among engineered stones. Also, paring this gorgeous stone is much easier than many others. 

    The composition of the lagoon silestone quartz is also worth considering. Made from natural quartz crystals, and blended with innovative technology, the quartz Silestone Lagoon is highly durable and strong. Moreover, it needs no resealing or special maintenance routine.

    How to Take Care of Silestone Lagoon?

    Like other silestone slabs, a lagoon silestone countertop doesn’t require special care, maintenance routine, or a cleaning agent. You can simply wipe the surface using soft fabric and a few drops of water just after you use it. The surface is protected against microbial, so you don’t need to worry about the stains. However, you should still avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners and putting extremely hot pans on the surface.

    Silestone Lagoon Price

    Since the manufacturing process of silestone involves natural materials and superior engineering, Silestone Lagoon might cost higher than other stones. However, compared to the prices of other silestone products, the lagoon is still a mid-range product. Bear in mind that buying a stone that you can use for a lifetime means a good investment for your home. You can get a good resale value by installing a silestone rather than lower-quality cheap products.

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    Silestone Lagoon FAQ

    How Much Does Silestone Lagoon Cost?

    The company Silestone offers its products in six price groups; 1 is being the least expensive, and 6 is the most expensive. The lagoon is in group 4, which means a mid-range price.

    What Color Is Silestone Lagoon?

    The base color is off-white, and there are fine beige, gray, and taupe details scattered on the surface like tiny pebbles.

    Is Silestone Quartz Good Quality?

    Yes. There are many people from all over the world using silestone for its high quality.

    Does Silestone Cost More Than Granite?

    Some exotic granite slabs are extraordinarily expensive. However, the cost of a silestone slab is generally higher than a of regular granite.
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