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Steel Gray Granite

Steel gray granite, also known as silver pearl granite, is an alluring modern stone that you can use in interior or exterior designs. You can see little blue and light gray flecks scattered with dominant black and brown shades scattered on the surface. However, the overall look gives you a gray expression.
This grey stone is perfect for creating contrast as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, or bathroom vanity tops. It is also one of the most demanded natural stones in commercial environments. Steel gray provides you with all the benefits of granite stones and accentuating unique and elegant beauty in your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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      Steel Gray Granite Specifications And Applications

      On this granite model, you can see pebble-like color effects of brown, black, and silver on a gray surface. In addition, the medium gray background makes it easier to adjust with other decoration elements around.

      You can find this stone at varying thicknesses 1 cm to 3 cm. The finishes can be polished, honed, rough, or flamed. Thanks to its pretty convenient technical specifications and attractive appearance, you can use this natural stone as countertops, vanity tops, wall-cladding, or flooring.

      What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Steel Gray Granite?

      Steel gray is a smart choice for those looking for classy but affordable dark-colored natural stones. Here are a few design ideas with this lovely granite for you to escalate the beauty in your interior or exterior spaces.

      Indoor Applications

      Gray granite countertops and vanity tops are highly popular these days. In particular, you can consider steel gray granite with white cabinets either in your kitchen or bathroom. But, of course, finishes also matter for some homeowners, and steel gray leathered granite with white cabinets makes a dazzling statement with a strong and fashionable look.

      Steel Gray Granite

      Outdoor Applications

      If you want to move the beauty of this stone out of your home, the outdoor kitchen makes a perfect place for you to use a steel gray slab. However, if you think it is too shiny for an exterior design, you can go with steel gray leathered granite, which has gained significant traction among popular designers and homeowners.

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        Why Should You Choose Steel Gray Granite?

        The stone offers both accentuating and softening effects due to the nice combination of gray and heavy brown, black, and silver shades on the surface. You can easily match other elements with this brilliant natural stone in your residential and commercial settings.

        Aside from the nice colors, the stone is also a good option for those seeking a lustrous look blended with durability. Like kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops, your interiors make a better statement with this granite. Also, its strong nature makes it a practical alternative in residential settings where relatively heavier furniture is put on.

        Finally, since it is not a rare type of granite, you can find steel gray stones at affordable prices in many stores around you.

        Steel Gray Granite
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        How To Take Care Of Steel Gray Granite?

        Taking care of steel gray granite is easy. It’s one of the most popular reasons for people to buy this natural slab. Just a few sprays of water with a soft fabric do a decent daily cleaning. However, you may need special granite cleaners for harder stains.

        Steel Gray Granite

        Steel Gray Granite Price

        Like any other natural stone, it is usually more expensive than other fabricated alternatives. However, most people prefer natural stones to get investment returns when they want to sell their homes. Considering that there are a lot of more rare and much more expensive stones, gray granite stands at a point that can offer you functionality, beauty, and resale value altogether at relatively affordable prices.

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        Steel Gray Granite​ FAQ

        It is brown, black, and silver on a light gray surface.

        It is listed as a Level-1 or Level-2 granite.

        It is a low-cost granite compared to other luxurious natural stone alternatives.

        Yes, the highly polished surface and excellent durability make this stone very popular.

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