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Calacatta Quartzite

Calacatta quartzite, also known as calacatta white quartzite or calacatta macaubas quartzite, is a one-of-a-kind marble-like stone. The white background is usually softer, and the veins flowing on the surface are smoky gray. Its simplistic but elegant statement makes this stone stand out as a brilliant option among many other slabs.

Quartzite offers a high level of durability along with the comfort of a nonporous surface. Both commercial and residential settings can be elevated by using this hilarious natural stone.

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      Calacatta Quartzite Specifications And Applications

      Typical colors you can see on a calacatta quartzite are gray and white. On a calacatta macaubas quartzite, you see the gray color veiny because of the vein cut, while a calacatta white quartzite will give you a smoky gray look on the surface due to the crosscut of the slabs.
      The stone is usually available in 2cm and 3 cm thickness with polished finishing. Technically, this quartzite stone can be used anywhere if you don’t mind polished finishing. Kitchen countertops, bathroom walls and floors, and interior stairs are the best settings you can use with this beautiful quartzite.

      What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Calacatta Quartzite?

      Mirror-like quartz pieces on the surface of stellar snow help you to match it with various colors. Here are some ideas on how you can use this lovely stone.

      Indoor Applications

      Using this glamorous quartzite on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops is getting popular these days. You can combine your countertop with either dark or white paint colors and cabinets. Moreover, you are not limited to stark white or black. Dark brown and gray on the dark end and soft white or cream on the light end will work for you.
      Calacatta Quartzite

      Outdoor Applications

      Though some people don’t favor polished surfaces outdoors, if durability and aesthetics are what you are looking for, calacatta quartzite is here to meet all your expectations. Extreme sunlight will not fade colors on the quartzite surface, so you won’t have to worry about weather conditions. In addition, it means you can comfortably use this stone in your outdoor kitchens or on the poolside.
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        Why Should You Choose Calacatta Quartzite?

        If it is about quartzite, Calacatta is one of the first alternatives that people think of. This phenomenal stone owes its popularity to soft colors on a mesmerizingly shiny and strong surface. Thus, it properly beautifies the living spaces when combined with other design elements. Depending on your overall concept, you can also try variations of calacatta like calacatta gold quartzite or calacatta super white quartzite.

        Durability and easy maintenance are other pluses for calacatta stone. For example, calacatta quartzite countertops can offer life-long service with little or no maintenance. It is a pretty smart solution if you are looking for a low-maintenance but high-end quality product.
        Last but not least, since calacatta supply is usually enough to meet the demand, it is not a rare type of stone, which makes the prices more competitive. 

        Calacatta Quartzite
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        How To Take Care Of Calacatta Quartzite?

        As being a non-porous surface, cleaning is pretty easy. Just a few drops of water and/or a gentle cleanser will do the job in many cases. As for the hardness, calacatta offers you one of the hardest surfaces on the market. Thanks to its hard surface, you don’t need to worry about little scratches or etches.

        Calacatta Quartzite

        Calacatta Quartzite Price

        Calacatta quartzite cost may vary depending on the thickness and variation. Since it is a relatively more expensive stone, you are advised to learn more about its variations and availability. If you are not looking for a specific type of calacatta, you can usually find reasonable prices at least for one type of it. However, considering the added resale value and boosted charm, this beautiful quartzite is worth it.

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        Calacatta Quartzite FAQ

        There is soft white in the background and gray veins on the surface. However, depending on the variation and cutting style, you can see gold instead of gray and smoky shades instead of veins.

        Yes, it is usually more expensive than mid-level natural stones.

        Bringing a stylish and sophisticated marble look with the durability and shine of quartzite, the calacatta is highly popular among homeowners.

        Yes, calacatta is incredibly durable.

        The Brazilian white macaubas quartzite is crosscut, and they get calacatta quartzite. It is called calacatta because this crosscut quartzite resembles calacatta marble from Italy. So, we have calacatta marble and calacatta quartzite, which are different stones.

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