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Silestone Ethereal Noctis

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Ethereal Noctis Silestone is just stunning with its white textured background and hues of gray. The background is also strikingly veined with intricate nuances of black. Inspired by the night sky, black veining adds elegance and depth, which make any space much more sophisticated. Thanks to its lovely blend of deep black, gray and white colors, Ethereal Noctis Silestone is a great choice for those looking for a stone appealing to both a light and dark palette.

Silestone Ethereal Noctis is an outstanding example of engineered stone. Just like other pieces of the Ethereal collection, Noctis Ethereal exhibits the latest in technology while possessing the impeccable quality of engineered quartz stones. Quality and sustainability are ensured with HybriQ technology by Cosentino. In which recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process.

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Silestone Ethereal Noctis Specifications and Applications

Silestone Ethereal Noctis is incredibly strong and durable. Besides that, it is amazingly beautiful with its stunning deep black veins. The dark veins dance on the white surface making this stone the right choice for a lot of people. 
Silestone products are offered in a wide range of options. The specifications for the thickness size make it a practical option to use for various surfaces. You can find this stone sized 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm in thickness. Also, Ethereal Noctis comes in two finish options: polished and suede. The customizable specifications offered by Cosentino help make your remodeling projects run smoothly.

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Silestone Ethereal Noctis?

Using Ethereal Noctis is a good way to create an elegant and impressive feeling in bathrooms and kitchens. Here are some brilliant design ideas to use Ethereal Noctis Silestone Quartz:

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom vanity top
Silestone Ethereal Noctis Countertop

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop
  • Wall cladding

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Why Should You Choose Silestone Ethereal Noctis?

Silestone Ethereal Noctis is an excellent choice if you love the beauty of marble and the strength of quartz simultaneously. The surface shines brightly without compromising the quality or durability. Natural quartz pieces are fused together to make one of the best examples of a stone slab anywhere. The additives used for binding the quartz crystals increase the slabs’ strength, making them even more resilient against external impacts. 
Silestone Ethereal Noctis comes with a protective layer on the surface and is non-porous. Thus, the bacteria cannot grow on or seep into the slab. This is an indication of a long service life with very little to no maintenance.

Ethereal Noctis Kitchen
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How to Take Care of Silestone Ethereal Noctis?

Silestone Ethereal Noctis is extraordinary in terms of maintenance. Due to the special protective layer the slabs are always bacteria-free. Also, stains cannot penetrate the slab, saving the surface from any discoloration.

Cleaning the surface is not a big deal. A piece of soft fabric will do the job in most cases. For harder stains, try applying dish soap and wiping the surface with a soft sponge. You don’t need any special cleaners, but you should avoid using cleaners containing harsh chemicals.

Sealing  is a requirement  for many natural stones, but fortunately, Silestone Ethereal Noctis doesn’t require any sealing. Instead, the slabs come with a built-in protective layer, so you can start using Silestone products right away.

Silestone Ethereal Noctis Bathroom

Silestone Ethereal Noctis Price

Casentino manufactures Silestone slabs, and the pricing is subject to vary depending on the price group that a certain product is listed in. The Ethereal series is at the highest end of the scale, and thus Silestone Ethereal Noctis tends to be more expensive than most other alternatives. However, it offers a lifetime of beauty and quality in any space you use it in.

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Silestone Ethereal Noctis FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Silestone Noctis Ethereal are listed here for you:

Silestone Ethereal Noctis is one of the higher-end products at Cosentino. Therefore, the cost of an Ethereal Noctis is usually higher than many other options.
Silestone Quartz Ethereal Noctis has a white background, with gray hues and deep black veins on the surface.
Yes, it is. Ethereal Noctis offers a lifetime service life and requires little to no maintenance. The surface is very hard and durable, with mesmerizing beauty.
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