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Cosentino Dekton

Cosentino is dedicated to providing sustainable surface solutions across the globe through its distinct brands. Dekton is one of those brands aiming to create beautiful and functional living spaces for people with various needs and expectations.

Cosentino embodies the fusion of nature and technology which Dekton stones are known for. Being a rich composition of numerous natural minerals, a Dekton stone offers the quality and beauty found in nature. Also, thanks to the advanced technology in manufacturing Dekton slabs are proof of innovation and sustainable industry.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is an engineered stone made from over 20 minerals obtained from nature. The mixture gets ultra-compacted through TSP technology. The TSP technology refers to an advanced metamorphic process in which minerals are exposed to high pressure and heat so that they transform both physically and chemically. Actually, the process is similar to the natural metamorphosis of rocks that can take a much longer time , but TSP technology enables the manufacturers to get the same result within hours.
Dekton Cosentino
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Application Areas of Dekton by Cosentino?

Dekton offers almost unlimited application options. It delivers revolutionary freedom of choice among diverse aesthetic options without compromising performance, safety, and comfort. The innovative heating and compression technology make Dekton stones applicable both indoors and outdoors without limitations. Here are some common application areas of Dekton stones:

Cosentino Dekton Countertops & Slab

Cosentino slabs offer homeowners the utmost in performance coupled with superb beauty. The maintenance of which is almost effortless since Dekton countertops are resistant to scratches, heat, and stains. This means “small” problems will not spoil the good times when you’re with family and friends. Moreover, Dekton slabs are beautiful, too. They are offered in diverse colors and finish options, Dekton slabs coordinate well with various styles and décor ideas. Moreover, Cosentino makes various technical specifications available with Dekton stones to fit your project needs regarding slabs and thickness.


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    Why Choose Cosentino Dekton? (Advantages of Cosentino Dekton)

    Here are the top reasons why you should choose Cosentino Dekton stones:

    Dekton slabs are resistant to…

    • Abrasions
    • Impact and scratches
    • Spills and stains
    • High temperatures
    • UV-rays

    Dekton slabs provide customers with…

    • Size options
    • Thickness options
    • Color options
    • Texture options
    • Cost optimization
    • Easy installation
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    Exclusive Offer Price Match +5% Discount On All In-Stock Items

    Cosentino Dekton Colors

    Cosentino makes sure that there is a perfect Dekton stone for every décor idea. In addition to the familiar Natural and Urban style collections, Dekton is always introducing new collections to level up the aesthetic beauty in home surfaces.

    Dekton Stonika

    Stonika is one of the most prominent collections in Dekton. The surfaces of Dekton Stonika stones exude the essence of nature to the fullest. Natural stone, renowned for their majestic beauty, inspires the products in this collection, but is higher in quality.

    Dekton Onirika

    “Dream” is the theme in the Dekton Onirika collection. The abstract veins on these stones convey complex feelings that are hard to express in words. The beauty lies in the subtle details, while the background glow adds mesmerizing beauty to any living space.

    Dekton Kraftizen

    Beauty doesn’t have to shine. Dekton Kraftizen is distinctive with its accentuated texture, matte surface, and silky smooth feeling. Thanks to the solid surface colors and textured appearance, the products in this collection give the impression of timelessness.

    The Technology of Cosentino Dekton Slabs

    Dekton slabs offer high-tech solutions for the diverse needs of homeowners. Dekton Slim, for example, is a great option for those looking for small cladding projects on furniture, such as drawers or cupboard doors, to add as an accent piece. The thickness is only 4 mm, and slab sizes are usually large enough to be applicable for numerous surfaces. Optima Format is another great innovation by Cosentino. It is solely produced for cladding works, the design and cost of which are optimized for larger cladding applications. X-Gloss is the technology that comes with some Dekton slabs. Thanks to mechanical polishing, Dekton slabs with X-Gloss technology shine brightly without enamels or other types of additives. Dekton makes use of Protek technology, too. It provides the slabs with very high fire resistance. The quality of the resistance is also certified with A2 s1 d0. Finally, Quick Cut technology is another game-changing innovation of Dekton slabs. Thanks to the Quick Cut technology, the slabs are cut three times faster than other stones. Cutting the slabs faster preserves the natural properties of the minerals better.

    How to Create Dekton?

    Dekton stones are made from natural minerals, which make them superior in beauty and in performance. Customers can enjoy these slabs in various spaces in their home.

    These products start with the collection of the best and purest l materials in nature. The best minerals are transported to the fabrication unit with the utmost care and diligence. The fabrication process involves high-tech industrial procedures. Then, the slabs are distributed globally. The retailers get the Dekton products that will fit the demands of their local market best. Finally, homeowners buy the slabs that they think will work best for their living spaces.

    How to Clean Cosentino Dekton Countertops?

    Cleaning a Dekton’s surface is very easy. For everyday stains, wiping the surface with a soft sponge and water is enough. For harder stains, you can apply some dish soap in addition to water. Make sure you rinse the traces of soap completely. If you see some residue after cleaning, you can use some limescale remover and gently rub with a scouring pad in a circular motion.

    How Much Does Dekton Cosentino Cost?

    The cost of Cosentino Dekton stone varies depending on the type of product and some technical specifications. On average, Dekton prices are closer to that of granite, but you can find more affordable options among Dekton stones.

    Why Should You Prefer Landmark Surfaces?

    Buying natural or engineered stones and getting impeccable service from Landmark is the best way to improve functionality and beauty in your homes. Landmark is proud to give the best quality at the most competitive prices. We offer a wide range of products to meet your expectations, and our highly competent staff can smoothly carry out even the hardest tasks. 

    Landmark Surfaces is particularly well-known for its service quality and wide range of material selections in Chantilly, Fredericksburg, and Alexandria, VA. We have already been offering Silestone slabs, a product of Cosentino, for some time.  

    Seeing our customers’ great interest in Cosentino products, we are now adding Dekton slabs, another product of Cosentino, to our product range. You can visit one of our stores and see the new products for yourself.