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Cambria Smithfield

Signature Series Final Outline

Cambria has recently updated its palette of white designs and added Cambria Smithfield, which offers superior versatility and timeless beauty. Mimicking the natural look of marble, Smithfield Cambria Quartz stands out with its clean and fresh look. The stark white marble design gives a sense of purity while soft wispy veins add movement to the design. You can also pick up subtle notes of charcoal and gold scattered on the surface.

Cambria Quartz stones offer unique style and beauty, but what makes them popular around the world is their outstanding quality. Cambria Smithfield, for example, offers incredible hardness and strength. Also, the ease of maintenance elevates Cambria Smithfield a step above the rest. All these advantages come as a result of meticulous hard work. Starting from the selection of raw materials, Cambria uses the latest technology and the most innovative engineering protocols during manufacturing. The fabrication procedures are environment-friendly, and the products are marvelous, to say the least.

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Cambria Smithfield Specifications and Applications

Cambria Smithfield exhibits beauty and top quality performance in its structure and design. As part of the Marble collection in the Signature series, Cambria Smithfield promises timeless beauty without compromising on performance or versatility. These prominent specifications allow admirers of Smithfield to enjoy it in many areas of their homes.

Millions of people across the globe can find Cambria Quartz stones in their local stores. Although Cambria Smithfield is made in the U.S., just like other Cambria slabs, it is exported to countries around the world.

Cambria Smithfield stones start out as 60 ft sq slabs. Thickness options are available in 2 cm and 3 cm depths. As for finish options, you can find high gloss and Cambria Matte® finishes available in most stores. By discussing your project details with professionals, you can make the best choice for your home. 

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Smithfield Cambria Quartz?

Cambria Smithfield is one of the best white quartz stones offered by Cambria. As you might already know, white is timeless, and the design possibilities are limitless. Here are some application ideas that you may wish to apply Cambria Smithfield:

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom vanity top
  • Waterfall island
  • Accent walls
Smithfield Cambria Countertop

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop

Discover Your Perfect Surface Solution

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Whether you’re seeking a free estimate, a showroom visit, or an in-home evaluation, our team is ready to transform your space. Complete the form below, sharing project details, and let us tailor a personalized solution just for you. Enhance your home or business with the ideal countertop—your journey to exceptional surfaces begins here.

    Smithfield Cambria Bar Lobby

    Why Should You Choose Smithfield Cambria Quartz?

    Cambria Smithfield is the perfect choice if you want a combination of mesmerizing beauty and superior quality. Owing to the wide range of uses and ease it has coordinating with different colors and patterns, Cambria Smithfield is worth every penny, without a doubt. And like all Cambria quartz stones, Smithfield requires only minimal maintenance.
    The beauty of Cambria Smithfield comes from the finest white quartz stones. The subtle soft veining with scattered gold and silver details bring vibrancy to any décor. Homeowners can create a variety of design visions ranging from cozy kitchens to pretty powder rooms using Cambria Smithfield.

    The inner structure of Cambria Smithfield brings an additional advantage to homeowners. The compressed quartz crystals turn into a highly compact and strong surface material through the innovative engineering expertise at Cambria. Homeowners can use these engineered stones for even the most high-traffic areas such as kitchen countertops and floors.
    In addition to these amazing qualities, Cambria Quartz surfaces are also renowned for their stain-resistant and maintenance-free surfaces. The surface of quartz is nonporous, which makes it resilient to scratches and staining. Therefore, more and more people are opting for Cambria quartz countertops to make more time for family and friends, instead of wasting time on cleaning and maintenance. 

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    How to Take Care of a Cambria Smithfield Countertop?

    As stated above, Cambria Smithfield kitchen countertops are very low-maintenance slabs. They don’t need any sealing before use. A homeowner can start using a Cambria quartz right after installation. 

    Thanks to its innovative surface design, Cambria Smithfield stones are non-absorbent. This means everyday spills and stains cannot penetrate under the surface. This simple fact brings considerable advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Firstly, Cambria Smithfield doesn’t require sealing because the built-in protective layer is resistant to dents and scratches. Also, the nonporous surface provides homeowners with peace of mind since bacteria cannot build up on the slabs. To clean,  simply wipe with a damp cloth to do the chore effectively.

    Remember that harshly scrubbing quartz surfaces or using abrasive chemical cleaners can seriously damage their protective layer. Therefore, you are always advised to clean gently. Also, consider using hot pads or cutting boards to help your countertops last longer.

    Smithfield Cambria Kitchen
    Smithfield Kitchen Island Top

    Cambria Smithfield Price

    Cambria Smithfield Quartz stone is one of the highest quality engineered stones that you can use for a variety of surfaces without compromising elegance and luxury. The cost of a Cambria Smithfield can be a little higher than mid-range engineered and natural stones, but exact prices vary depending on the area it’s sold and project requirements.

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    Cambria offers some of the best engineered stones to people all over the world, and Cambria Smithfield is a particularly excellent white stone because of its subtle details. Here are some frequently asked questions about this truly amazing stone.

    Cambria Quartz Smithfield tends to be slightly more expensive than most other engineered or natural stones. The exact price might vary depending on the stock availability, project details, or your location.weight: 400;”>Cambria Quartz Smithfield tends to be slightly more expensive than most other engineered or natural stones. The exact price might vary depending on the stock availability, project details, or your location. 

    Cambria Smithfield is a white slab with subtle gold, gray, and black details.

    Yes, it is. The design is absolutely mesmerizing, and its performance always goes above and beyond homeowners’ expectations.

    Yes, you can. Wood-colored cabinets paired with Cambria Smithfield quartz can turn your kitchen into a cozy dining space or a modern family hangout spot; it all depends on your imagination with your design concept. Smithfield coordinates perfectly well with either style.