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Ornamental White Granite

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Many homeowners wish to enjoy easy matching in their home design, yet they want to have the perfect design everywhere possible in and around their home. White ornamental granite is arguably the most versatile product you can use in various spots in your house, like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, windowsills, interior or exterior wall design…etc.

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Ornamental White Granite: High Quality And Top Versatility

Ornamental white granite, also known as light ornamental granite, granito branco ornamental, or bianco ornamental granite, is a natural white granite stone with low color variation. Though ornamental white granite countertops are highly popular in the kitchens, you can see this beautiful natural stone in various other design projects like accent walls, floors, backsplashes…etc. Involving different tones of soft white, brown, and gray, ornamental white granite can be easily combined with other colors around.ᅠ

Ornamental white granite with milky white base color and natural speckles scattered on the surface offers excellent versatility to many homeowners. Though ornamental granite countertops are very popular around, you can use this simple but awesome stone in many other parts of your house. Its mild character easily matches the rest of the design and gives you the freedom to choose other elements. So if you want something simple but cool, ornamental white granite is just for you!

Why Is Ornamental White Granite Slab Popular?

One can count a lot of reasons for white ornamental granite to be one of the most popular stones, but all in all, we can tell you that the basic factor is simplicity. Ironically, the simplicity of ornamental white granite helps homeowners make their most complicated design ideas come true.

The milky white surface with gray to brown speckles allows you to use this lovely stone on many indoor and outdoor surfaces. If you plan to useᅠwhite ornamental granite in the kitchen, you can make a great number of countertop-cabinet combinations. For example,ᅠornamental white granite with oak cabinetsᅠcan simply give everlasting beauty to your kitchen. On the other hand, if you enjoy creating contrast in your design,ᅠornamental white granite with dark cabinetsᅠcan do the job perfectly.

As mentioned, the use of ornamental white granite is not limited to the kitchens. You can use them as bathroom vanity tops. In addition to the standard durability and easy maintenance that you should expect from a granite stone, you will be, as well, mesmerized with its harmonious look with bathroom accents. Here comes a design tip: if you love to see some plants in your bathroom, white ornamental granite will make them look even more aesthetic.

Finally, you can use this versatile stone as a classic wall design material to make an accent wall, or poolside stone if you have a pool in the garden. The natural specks on the surface of white ornamental granite look perfect in the natural outdoor designs. So, if we are talking about the use of ornamental white granite, the sky’s the limit.

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    How To Take Care Of Ornamental White Granite?

    Ornamental white granite will never disappoint you when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. It is as highly strong and stain-resistant as any other granite stone. However, by following a few easy granite countertop care tips, you can enjoy your ornamental white granite for a longer period of time.


    The installation of smaller pieces of ornamental white granite might be easier for DIYers. Still, bigger slabs like the ones for countertops are almost impossible for DIYers, especially when they work alone. So, you should get professional help to avoid any damage while installing an ornamental white countertop.

    Ornamental White Granite


    Though many contractors do the sealing during the installation, you are still advised to ask if your countertop is sealed or not. If not, you might need to get it sealed before starting to use it.

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    Cleaning And Maintenance

    Granite is naturally stain-resistant, and it’s hard surface makes it very resilient against scratches. Though nature has already given some amazing features to this beautiful stone, you should still help these features and beauty to survive.

    Cleaning is one of the key points you should consider. We advise you to maintain a daily and periodical cleaning routine. You should immediately clean the spills or splashes so that they don’t sit on the surface for a long time.

    For periodical maintenance, you should check your ornamental white granite to see if there is any scratch or the seal is still protecting the surface. You should use soft clothes and special granite cleaners for all cleaning or drying jobs.

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    Ornamental White Granite FAQ

    You can see different uses of ornamental white granite slabs everywhere in the world, but they are all quarried in Brazil, Espírito Santo region. They export tons of white ornamental granite globally.

    The base color of ornamental white granite is white as the name already suggests. However, what makes these natural stones highly demanded is the specs scattered on the white background make these natural stones highly demanded. 

    You can find light brown, gray, and bronze specs that will ease your job of pairing ornamental white granite with other elements in your home. Also, the white background might be more creamy than snow-white, so the specs might look less catchy, making it even easier to match up.

    Fortunately, ornamental white granite is not hard to access. You can buy it yourself by visiting the local stores in your neighborhood or online. However, since DIY is not a good idea for installing ornamental white granite as countertops, you should get professional help. Many contractors will get the right product in the right size and install them safely.

    If you want to get something luxurious in your home without paying an extravagant price, you might be looking for ornamental white granite. The price of natural granite is usually higher than some other budget materials. However, you can get this natural granite stone paying less than $50 per square foot. Considering the versatile beauty of this natural stone, the cost is pretty reasonable.