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White Ice Granite

White ice granite, also known as Aspen white, is one of the most popular choices of people trying to have a refreshing look in their interior or exterior spaces. Dark veins make a beautiful statement on the background in which you can see a nice combination of pale gray and snow white. Due to the black veins scattered on a grey to a white surface, this beautiful granite makes a versatile option for different design combinations, indoor or outdoor.
The stone is highly popular in commercial and residential settings. However, since granite is always the symbol of durability and easy maintenance, people tend to choose other elements for their living spaces based on the color and texture of the granite slabs they use. This white granite is a prominent example of this.

    White Ice Granite Specifications And Applications

    The stone involves colors of white, black, and grey. Typically, the background is white and gray, and black veins flow over the bright background. The sparkling quartz deposits add a sparkling shine to this strong-looking natural stone, which makes it a stronger alternative among other options.

    3 cm thickness is easier to find, yet other sizes are still possible to use. Though polished finishes are popular, you can also prefer leathered or honed finishes for this product. As for the application areas, you can see this granite stone almost anywhere possible. Countertops or walls inside; and floors around the BBQ and pool in the garden are some typical settings you can use this granite. 

    What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With White Ice Granite?

    Design ideas are limitless, especially when you have such a beautiful stone in mind. Appealing to anyone interested in elegant natural stones, white ice is easy to combine with other design parts almost anywhere in your place. Here are some useful ideas for you.

    Indoor Applications

    Homeowners always demand granite countertops and vanity tops. Thus, this classical and elegant aspen white will never look dated. As for the design, we must tell you that white ice granite with white subway tile backsplash and grey cabinets would make an excellent soft beauty. If you want to go bolder, you can use dark cabinets and backsplash with white ice granite

    You can also make a statement wall using this lovely kind of granite, especially in residential settings. Alternatively, if you are concerned about the white ice granite cost, you can try white ice granite laminate.

    Outdoor Applications

    Outdoor kitchens are one of the best uses of iced white granite. Thanks to its high durability and strength, you can use it for years comfortably. Pool sides and barbecue countertops are also good ideas to make use of granite. Ice white granite is pretty suitable for such purposes.

    Why Should You Choose White Ice Granite?

    An excellent combination of black, white, and silver-gray makes this stone one of the most sought-after granite stone options. Due to its plain color scheme, it is a popular choice of commercials users particularly.

    Durability is another remarkable issue that people consider when it comes to choosing products for their surfaces. Just like all other granite stones, ice white granite slabs offer high durability and strength. You can, for example, use this strong granite as a kitchen countertop without worrying about the cracks or simple scratches. Moreover, the maintenance of this stone is pretty easy.

    How to Take Care Of White Ice Granite?

    If you have white ice granite, kitchen maintenance will not be a big deal for you. Since granite surfaces are easy to clean, just a few drops of water and a piece of soft fabric will do the job. You can also buy one of the granite cleaning products from your local hardware store if you are worried about harder stains.

    White Ice Granite Price

    The price of this stone is a bit higher compared to the average granite price. One of the biggest reasons is the low supply and higher demand for this stone. Nonetheless, you can still find this stone in many dealers and contractors, and once you buy it, it will get you a significant resale value if you decide to sell your home in the future.

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    White Ice Granite FAQ

    What Colors Are In White Ice Granite?

    It is white and steel gray in the background, and there are black and dark gray veins on this background.

    What Level Is White Ice Granite?

    It is possible to find this stone on various levels. It can be listed somewhere between level-3 to level-6.

    Is White Ice Granite Expensive?

    Yes, it is expensive compared to average granite prices.

    Is White Ice Granite Popular?

    Yes, most of the time supply of this stone fails to meet the demand.

    Where Does White Ice Granite Come From?

    It comes from Brazil.

    What Backsplash Goes With White Ice Granite?

    White ice granite with a white subway tile backsplash is highly appreciated by homeowners and interior designers.

    Are “Ice White” And “White Ice” The Same Granite?

    Yes, they are. Actually, “white ice” is used more commonly.

    Does White Ice Granite Have Red In It?

    No, it doesn’t involve red color normally.

    Does White Ice Granite Look Good In A Small Kitchen?

    Yes, definitely! It can add deepness in small kitchens.
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