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Luna Pearl Granite

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Luna pearl granite is one of the most popular natural stones that many homeowners use in their interior and exterior designs. Aside from the advantages that virtually all granite stones offer, luna pearl granite stands out with its unique white, taupe, gray, and black tones.

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Luna Pearl Granite Brings Fresh Look to Kitchens & Bathrooms

Luna pearl granite is a popular granite used by many people due to its easy access, affordable price, and easy match-up character. You can see the granite as countertops, vanity tops, windowsills, poolside stones, or just part of wall decoration.
Like many other granite stones, luna pearl is composed of natural quartz and feldspar that naturally exist under the Earth’s crust. As a result, the veins on the surface are evenly distributed across the slabs, and various tones of white carry gray and taupe beautifully.

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      Why Should You Choose Luna Pearl Granite?

      Luna Pearl is a very common granite that you can see everywhere. In fact, considering its following advantages, it is not surprising at all.

      Easy Access & Large-scale Use

      Luna pearl granite is everywhere in the world. Though the origin of this type of granite is Spain, you can find this simple yet peaceful stone at the stores easily. Easy sourcing is vital, especially when you are short of time for your home’s construction or renovation project.

      Whether you use luna pearl granite for the kitchen or luna pearl granite for the bathroom, you can find various design ideas on the internet. This is because it has an extremely wide scale of use in our daily life.

      Affordable Price

      Luna pearl granite is distinctive with its relatively lower prices. Some people think that granite is a very luxurious material, and they just move to other low-cost alternatives like laminate countertops. However, there are budget-friendly granites like luna pearl that you can buy without spending a fortune. Since luna pearl price is always reasonable, you can get granite instead of other low-quality materials.

      Easy To Match Other Colors

      Last but not least, luna pearl granite is highly demanded since it can match a wide range of colors and textures either indoors or outdoors. For example, with dark cabinets in a kitchen, the luna pearl granite will help to create an overall elegant statement in the kitchen.

      If you prefer to go with luna pearl granite with white cabinets, for example, then it will save your kitchen from monotony. However, we still advise you to avoid light oak cabinets with a luna pearl granite countertop.

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      Luna Pearl Granite Maintenance

      The maintenance and cleaning of luna pearl granite are pretty easy due to the scratch-resistant and stain-resistant nature of the granite stones. Moreover, the stains are even less noticeable on luna pearl granite than other granite surfaces due to the uneven surface distribution of earthy colors.

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      Luna Pearl Granite FAQ

      As you might already know, granites are categorized into three levels. The levels can give you an idea about the color, thickness, country of origin, veins, pitting…etc. For example, luna pearl granite is a Level-1 stone, which means low-grade granite. Level-2 and Level-3 granites are mid and high grades, respectively.

      Luna pearl granite will cost you about $40-80 per square foot. Considering the durability and easy maintenance, the granite will pay off long-term.

      On a luna pearl granite, the base color can be different tones of white. It is usually creamy white. On the white background, you can see various gray, black, or taupe tones.

      Luna pearl granite comes from Spain.

      Though there are different colors on a luna pearl granite surface, when you look at a granite surface from a distance, you will see something like light creamy brown. However, it can easily match with colors that a regular brown cannot.