Soapstone Warm & Silky

Charming, rustic, and rich in appearance, but flexible enough to blend into any modern home. It has been used in our homes for decades. In our science laboratories, it’s also the preferred counter top. This is a plain and understated stone that brings grounding and peace to the wearer. It exudes genuine old-world charm. Since it is a siliceous stone, it is unaffected by acids and is also heat resistant.

This is a soft stone that is simple to carve and manipulate. If properly cared for, soapstone will last a lifetime. Based on you and your lifestyle, it will grow its own distinct patina. It is a lighter stone than other natural stones. It won’t burn, it won’t stain, and acids won’t etch it, so it won’t burn, it won’t stain, and it won’t etch. Soapstone maintenance is also easy.


It's not just a stone. It's a style.

Black Soapstone

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