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Silestone Countertops Classic & Contemporary

Silestone provides an elegant, durable and low maintenance surface. It blends the inherent hardness and strength of quartz with the technical benefit of an aesthetically uniform stone surface. Silestone is made up of crushed quartz (95%), as well as a polymer resin (5%). It’s created by the same extreme heat and pressure that creates volcanic rock and diamonds. As a result, a stone that is extremely tough, dense, and pure has been developed. It is scratch and acid resistant stone with 15 years warranty. It is manufactured by Spanish surface specialists Cosentino. Highly respected and world renowned for the highest quality workmanship, Cosentino has been setting industry benchmarks for decades.

Silestone Advantages

Silestone® is the most cutting-edge hybrid surface of minerals and recycled materials on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology.
Wide range of colors
Silestone Warranty
Stain resistant
Impact resistant
Eternal Serena Silestone

Silestone Countertops

Silestone has become the perfect option for kitchen and bathroom countertops over and above other traditional materials such as granite or natural stone.


    Visit a gallery to see the incredible designs. Bring your paint and cabinet samples or take a sample home to see it there.


    We can help guide you to a design pro at one of our dealers and our experienced gallery staff and templators in the field assist in working thru the details.


    From template to fabrication, to installation, we have team members who love to see your dreams come true.

    Silestone Products

    Ariel Silestone
    Charcoal Soapstone Silestone
    Desert Silver Silestone
    Eternal Bella Silestone
    Eternal Calacatta Gold
    Eternal D’or Silestone
    Eternal Serena Silestone
    Eternal Statuario Siletsone
    Helix Silestone
    Lagoon Silestone
    Lusso Silestone
    Lyra Silestone
    Miami Vena Silestone
    Pearl Jasmine Silestone
    Pietra Silestone
    Stellar Snow Silestone
    White Zeus Silestone
    Can't Decide? There are hundreds other options. Contact us for an expert help.

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      Absolute Green Bev
      African Red
      Alpina White
      Amarillo Sand Bev
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      The Answers to All Your Questions

      Our help center can instantly give you answer to many frequently asked questions. 

      What is Silestone?

      Silestone® is naturally beautiful, durable quartz. Silestone is the world’s leading natural quartz surface – a superior stone for myriad interior surfacing applications because of its ideal combination of beauty and practicality. Silestone features a range of more than 65 unique colors, so no matter what your taste or style, we’ve got the perfect fit.

      Why should I choose Silestone?

      Silestone is the smartest choice for homeowners as it delivers both unique beauty and extreme durability. The unsurpassed professionalism of Silestone’s team is backed by more than 70 years experience in the natural stone industry, and a mature distribution network makes the product readily available throughout North America.

      What is natural quartz?

      Quartz is one of the hardest, most abundant minerals found in nature – only diamond, sapphire and topaz are harder. Besides beauty, the quartz in Silestone gives it extreme strength, making Silestone highly scratch-resistant.

      What are the advantages of Silestone?

      Silestone is a dense, non-porous stone that delivers unsurpassed reliability and performance – scratch-resistance and stain-resistance with no sealing required in a large variety of naturally beautiful colors.

      How does Silestone compare to solid surfaces, like Corian?

      The quartz in Silestone is 100% natural; a hard mineral that gives Silestone both beauty and strength. Solid surfaces are plastic polymers that lack the brilliance and reflectivity of natural stone, and are softer – making them more susceptible to scorches and scratches.

      How does Silestone compare to other natural quartz surfaces?

      Silestone provides unmatched delivery capacity, worldwide availability, more color variety, the only program of certified installation professionals and a successful track record of more than 15 years in natural quartz and 70 years in the stone industry. In 2005, Silestone is the first and only countertop to introduce built-in Microban™ antimicrobial product protection.

      How does Silestone compare to other natural stones?

      The quartz in Silestone is 100% natural; a hard mineral that gives Silestone both beauty and strength. Solid surfaces are plastic polymers that lack the brilliance and reflectivity of natural stone, and are softer – making them more susceptible to scorches and scratches.

      Can I use Silestone in my kitchen?

      Yes. Silestone is ideal for use in kitchen countertops, island tops, backsplashes, and more. You may even purchase knobs, switch plates and handles made of Silestone natural quartz to match your kitchen surfaces.

      What is radon? What makes Silestone safe for my home?

      Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas found at varying levels in the air throughout the globe. Radon gas is produced by radioactive materials present in igneous rocks in the earth. When these radioactive materials break down, the gas is released. When inhaled, the gas can contribute to the development of cancers in the lungs. Silestone’s commitment to environmental safety and clean indoor-air quality means that we are dedicated to producing countertop surfaces that are not only beautiful and durable, but also safe for your family and home. While testing and research continue every day, Silestone has been tested and found to be low or free of radon gas. For more information about radon gas and stone surfaces, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website.

      Can I use Silestone in my bathroom?

      Yes. Add beauty and practicality to any bathroom with Silestone vanities, backsplashes, shower walls and tub surrounds.

      Are all granite kitchen counters a high gloss finish?

      Silestone backs all installed countertop projects with a(n industry-leading) 15-Year Limited Warranty. Silestone’s warranty covers structural manufacturing defects.

      Can I use Silestone for flooring?

      Yes. Silestone makes striking flooring throughout the home or office. You may pick from standard-size tiles or have Silestone custom-cut to fit your style.

      Where can I find Silestone?

      Silestone has one of the largest distribution networks of any surfacing material in the U.S.

      What makes Silestone "A Cleaner, Safer Countertop"?

      Silestone’s non-porous surface protects your countertops from staining and prevents liquids from penetrating the surface. Silestone is also the only countertop with Microban™ anti-microbial protection included in every slab. Microban is built-in during manufacturing to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection. While Microban protection does not protect users from food-borne illness and is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices, it does result in countertops that are easier to clean and stay clean.
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