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Miami Vena Silestone

Miami Vena Silestone is a white stone with an awesome marble effect. Natural-looking subtle veins give this amazing stone an impressive look. Though the overall description is understated, one cannot deny its highly attractive glistening details on the white base. 

Aside from its beautiful look, Miami Vena is an incredibly strong and durable product. Like the other engineered stones produced by Cosentino, Miami Vena offers the homeowners the utmost hardness and resistance against heat, scratches, or chips. Also, the stone doesn’t require a special maintenance routine; just giving it a daily wipe is enough to eliminate spills or stains.

    Miami Vena Silestone Specifications and Applications

    Miami Vena stone is made from natural quartz crystals. Natural quartz is ground and strongly bound to each other, and the result is one of the world’s strongest stones: Silestone. The surface of the stone is even harder as they strengthen it using special additives and antibacterial materials. 

    Miami Vena is offered in different thickness sizes. Depending on where you plan to use the stone, you can choose between 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm thickness options. The finishing is optional with Miami Vena. Polished finishes give a shiny look, while suede or leathered finishes are used to create a textured surface.

    What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Silestone Miami Vena?

    White stones are reputable for matching beautifully to various design ideas and projects. Thus, it brings an obvious versatility to Miami Vena Silestone. Here are some design ideas listed for you.

    Indoor Applications

    Outdoor Applications

    • Kitchen countertop
    • Kitchen backsplash
    • Bathroom vanity tops
    • Industrial worktops
    • Outdoor kitchen worktop
    • Poolside walls

    Why Should You Choose Silestone Miami Vena?

    Miami Vena Silestone is offering you a unique white stone experience. If you are not sure whether you like veins or not, this stone is just perfect for you, thanks to its light and subtle veins on its pure white background. Even if you are fond of solid white surfaces, you might still want to give a chance to this gorgeous piece of milestone. 

    The stone is preferable due to its strength and durability. You can use it with comfort and confidence for many years. In addition, the stone will require no maintenance, so you can save money without worrying about chips or scratches. 

    How to Take Care of Silestone Miami Vena?

    Taking care of Silestone Miami Vena is not a big deal. They make the stone incredibly hard by binding natural quartz crystals together. Also, there is a built-in layer on the surface, minimizing the porosity of the stone. Therefore, cleaning the surface is easy. 
    We also advise you to avoid chemicals since they can damage the surface of silestone and significantly decrease service life.

    Miami Vena Silestone Price

    The price of silestone products is usually higher than most other natural and engineered stones. Considering that silestone holds all the aces in terms of the natural look, outstanding engineering, easy maintenance, long service life, and bigger resale value, it is still understandable why you pay more for silestone than you do for other alternatives.

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    Miami Vena Silestone FAQ

    What Color Is Silestone Miami Vena?

    Miami Vena Silestone has a white base color. There are natural-looking subtle veins on the base that can vary from gray to brown.

    Is Silestone Quartz Good Quality?

    Yes, definitely. Each silestone slab ensures a wonderful harmony between nature and people. In addition, the slabs are both beautiful and of high quality.

    Where Does Miami Vena Silestone Come From?

    Miami Vena and all the other silestone products are made in Almeria, Spain. They are produced by the company, Cosentino.
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