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Infinity Porcelain

Infinity porcelain slabs and countertops are relatively new on the market. Infinity is bringing high-quality Infinity porcelain slabs to your homes with the vast experience and expertise of Gruppo Concorde. The exceptional quality of Infinity porcelain slabs starts from selecting the best raw materials and is ensured by innovative technology in the manufacturing process. Inspired by nature’s beauty, Infinity aims to extend the limits of traditional materials by creating hi-tech surface solutions.

What is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a very hard ceramic material with low porosity. Manufacturers usually use china clay, also known as kaolinite, as the main ingredient in the production of porcelain. China clay is mixed with some other materials to increase its hardness and strength.

Infinity porcelain countertops and slabs are made by mixing, pressing, and heating different materials such as quartz, feldspar, clay, and, of course, kaolin. Depending on the desired pattern and surface color, colors will be added during the process to achieve the end result. The final product is very strong, hard, and heat-resistant.

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Premium Performances of Infinity Porcelain


Quality material

Easy workability
Easy to clean

Scratch resistant



Suitable for food contact
Resistant to liquids and acids
Hygienic surface
Resistant to heavy loads
No color alteration

Versatile for any project

Calacatta Magnifico Porcelain Slab

Application Areas of Infinity Porcelain Slabs?

Porcelain slabs enable homeowners to adorn numerous living spaces in their homes. Thanks to the varying slab sizes and types, Infinity porcelain slabs can satisfy a wide range of projects and tastes. While offering surface solutions for floors, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, wall cladding…etc.

Infinity Porcelain Countertops & Slab

Infinity porcelain is made of 100% natural minerals and materials collected from certified quarries. The mixture of high-quality materials is then heated to 1230°C, creating completely solid slabs.

Infinity is dedicated to making all living spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Having an Infinity porcelain countertops means you are buying excellent quality, world-famous Italian design, outstanding creativity, and true sustainability.

Magellano Porcelain

Discover Your Perfect Surface Solution

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Whether you’re seeking a free estimate, a showroom visit, or an in-home evaluation, our team is ready to transform your space. Complete the form below, sharing project details, and let us tailor a personalized solution just for you. Enhance your home or business with the ideal countertop—your journey to exceptional surfaces begins here.

    Why Choose Infinity Porcelain?

    Large-sized Infinity slabs are manufactured in Italy using 100% natural raw materials exclusively selected to guarantee perfection. High-quality raw materials are mixed and heated using SMART technology. Each slab adds charming beauty to exterior and interior spaces, including walls, furnishing, as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops.

    These porcelain surfaces are resistant to heat, scratches, and heavy loads. Moreover, the countertops are non-absorbent and non-toxic, which adds durability to the products while protecting the homeowners’ health. 

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    Infinity Technologies

    Infinity values research and development in each step it takes, which makes it a pioneering porcelain stoneware manufacturer. With its perfect integration of state-of-art technology, the research and development department has broadened the horizons of the industry. Here are the key technologies that make Infinity unique and revolutionary:


    NaturaVein–Tech enables Infinity to produce marble-like natural veining that passes through the surface and body of the slabs.


    NaturaBody–Tech allows to produce full-body porcelain slabs. The surface has mineral flakes which harmonize well with the product material.

    Levigato Pearl

    Levigato Pearl is a game changer in finishing technology. Infinity uses this technology to make the surfaces extremely smooth and matte.


    Hyle is a new interpretation of ceramic material. It uses the natural stone removal process with porcelain slabs.


    Holos is a modernized application of ancient mosaic art using digital technology.
    Can't Decide? There are hunderds other options. Contact us for an expert help.

    Infinity Porcelain Colors

    Infinity porcelain slabs offer a wide spectrum of colors. Customers can find porcelain interpretations of the classical white slabs such as Calacatta Viola and Statuario Principe or elegant black colors such as Sahara Noir and Nero Marquinia. There are also other popular colors such as blue, brown, or gray.
    Orobico Luxe Porcelain

    Technical Characteristics of Infinity Porcelain

    Infinity slabs are outstanding owing to certain technical characteristics. Here are some of the most remarkable features of Infinity

    Water Absorption

    Infinity slabs are incredibly compact and almost nonporous. Thus, they are highly resistant to water absorption.

    Bending Resistance

    Infinity slabs can withstand dynamic and static stress in tests, which provides homeowners with strong surfaces.

    Abrasion Resistance

    According to abrasive disc tests, Infinity slabs prove to be highly resistant to abrasion.

    Frost Resistance

    Frost resistance makes Infinity slabs superior for outdoor applications. Owing to the compact and almost nonporous structure, slabs do not get damaged by harsh winter conditions.

    Chemical Aggression Resistance

    Laboratory analysis shows that acidic or highly-concentrated chemicals leave no visible effect on the surface of Infinity slabs.


    The test results revealed that Infinity floors are not slippery, which makes them a safe choice, especially for kids and elderly people.
    Calacatta Magnifico Infinity Porcelain

    Stain Resistance

    Stain tests indicated that Infinity slabs are easy to clean even after being stained for a long time. The inherent nature of the porcelain saves its surfaces from discoloration in the long run.

    Infinity Porcelain Product Specifications

    Infinity slabs offer the highest quality by addressing diverse needs and expectations thanks to its superior specifications. Infinity fine porcelain stoneware is best known for its compact structure composed of rich materials and minerals such as calcined oxides, feldspars, quartzes…etc. The composition doesn’t involve any resins or additives.


    The products are offered in polished, satin, or matte finish options. The finishes are achieved with the use of water and diamond grinding discs for polishing, not chemical additives.


    Infinity slabs appeal to different needs and expectations with varying size options. There may be small tolerance values within certain quality standards (EN 14411).

    Technical Data

    The technical values followed during the manufacture of Infinity porcelain products follow international standards such as EN 14411, EN ISO 10545-12, and EN ISO 10545-13

    Infinity Porcelain Certifications

    Infinity porcelain countertops hold some of the most important certifications regarding sustainability.
    Statuario Pricipe Porcelain

    Green Commitment

    Infinity products are manufactured with minimum impact on the environment. For example, the waste resulting from the production is reused, and the water needed in the process is purified and reused as well. The raw materials are non-toxic, and the company adheres to the BAT and CCC protocols.

    CSR Infinity

    Infinity sticks to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and in this respect, the company focuses on sustainability and ethical management in all business activities. This makes the company appealing to the staff, and the products preferable for the customers.


    Infinity products have a CE mark showing that it meets all the essential safety requirements.

    Porcelain countertops: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Here are the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of porcelain countertops:


    • Heat Endurance
    • Durability and Hardness
    • Low Water Absorption
    • Easy Maintenance
    • UV Light Resistance
    • Colors and Patterns
    • Size and Thickness
    • Environmentally Friendly
    Calacatta Viola Porcelain


    • Limited Edge Styles

    How to Clean Infinity Porcelain countertops?

    Cleaning just after the installation is important to get rid of grout or other residues of fabrication and fitting. Using buffered acid that is diluted in water can help you remove the harder residues. As for routine cleaning, you can use ammonia or bleach after diluting in water. Drying the surface soon after cleaning is also important to avoid residual staining.

    How Much do Infinity Slabs Cost?

    Infinity porcelain countertops cost less than most other stones such as granite, quartz, or marble. The price range for porcelain is closer to the lower end of the majority of stones, yet porcelain offers higher quality and beauty.

    Infinity Renoir Porcelain

    Why Should You Prefer Landmark Surfaces?

    Landmark has always pursued quality and fair business, which has brought many awards and happy customers in return. Nowadays, Landmark is taking another big step towards success and sustainable development by introducing Infinity porcelain slabs to you. In addition to our other natural and engineered stones, homeowners will be able to find a new option to make their living spaces more beautiful and functional. Landmark is proud to offer you Infinity stone countertops with the best service quality and competitive prices that you are already familiar with.


    The use of porcelain slabs is relatively new in interior and exterior designs. Here, you can find the most common questions and short answers as key takeaways about this innovative surface option:
    High-quality natural raw materials are mixed and compressed through extreme heating.
    The base material is kaolin. It is mixed with quartz, feldspar, and clay.
    The Infinity slabs are offered in 1620×3240 mm size, and the thickness sizes are 6, 12, and 20 mm.
    Infinity slabs can be used in residential and commercial renovation projects, either indoors or outdoors. They make an excellent surface material for ventilated façades, floors, walls, furniture, countertops…etc.
    Harsh use of objects on the porcelain surface can damage it. However, repairing the scratches is possible.
    Infinity maintains an excellent alignment of colors and graphics throughout the manufacturing process, but due to the natural variations of the raw materials used in the mixture, you may find slight variations among the slabs.
    Depending on the thickness of the slab and where it is installed, professionals can cut and glue the slabs using different equipment.
    It is a walking surface made of porcelain stoneware. It is suitable for both outdoors and indoors.
    It is a kind of exterior wall cladding which saves energy for the buildings while giving it an artistic touch.