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Calacatta Leon

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Premium Natural Quartz Msi1

Calacatta Leon is known for its dramatic gray veins on a soft white background. MSI, the manufacturer of Calacatta Leon, integrates  glamor with exceptional engineering technology all within this lovely quartz stone. Calacatta Leon, a part of the Q Premium Quartz collection by MSI, brings mesmerizing radiance and beauty to almost any space in your home.

The snow-white background matches well with various interior decors, while the distinctive veining appeals to those who wish to make a statement in their homes. You can use this impeccable engineered stone for your kitchen countertop, flooring, bathroom walls as well as vanity tops, accent walls…etc. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, Calacatta Leon is an extremely strong and durable surface option requiring little to no maintenance.

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Calacatta Leon Specifications and Applications

Calacatta Leon is made of a strong blend of natural quartz and high-quality resins. The blend is then pressed using modern industrial techniques, which results in ultra-strong quartz slabs. Using Lumaluxe technology, an innovative way to make surfaces brighter which was introduced by MSI, the slabs become shiny and nonporous.
Calacatta Leon Quartz slabs are offered in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness options. Natural marble is the inspiration for the surface, but is much shinier. Only polished finish options are available in stores and dealers’ inventory.
Due to little variation between slabs, you can use this lovely stone in different parts of your home without compromising on visual harmony. 

What are Some Inspiration Ideas with Calacatta Leon?

Calacatta Leon MSI is an awesome engineered stone. Unlike natural stones, it shows little or no variation amongst the slabs. Therefore, you can use it in different living spaces uniformly. Here are some décor ideas that you can use with Calacatta Leon:

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom vanity top
  • Waterfall Island
  • Accent Walls
Calacatta Leon Countertop

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop

Discover Your Perfect Surface Solution

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Whether you’re seeking a free estimate, a showroom visit, or an in-home evaluation, our team is ready to transform your space. 

Why Should You Choose Calacatta Leon?

MSI quartz stones are among the best on the market today. Especially Q Premium Quartz Collection, which includes highly aesthetic and functional surface solutions. Calacatta Leon is a prominent piece of this collection. 

Calacatta Leon offers the sophisticated beauty of an authentic Calacatta marble but with an accentuated  glossy appearance. The surface of the stone is layered using advanced engineering techniques which makes it nonporous and resistant to impacts, stains, and bacteria. Therefore, Calacatta Leon Quartz offers homeowners or homebuyers a long service life with easy maintenance. 

Calacatta Leon is a good surface choice for your kitchen, bath, and other living spaces. Thanks to its dramatic gray veining, you can make an impact almost anywhere in your home. The snow-white background makes it  complementary to various decors and color schemes. 

Calacatta Leon Kitchen
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How to Take Care of Calacatta Leon?

MSI Calacatta Leon is a low-maintenance engineered quartz stone. The surface is extremely hard and strong, and thus is resistant to impacts and everyday scratches. Moreover, the nonporous surface creates a stain and germ-resistant layer on the stone. Therefore, homeowners don’t need to apply any sealer on their Calacatta Leon slab.
Cleaning is very easy, too. Since the surface doesn’t let anything penetrate the inner layers of the stone, a simple wiping is enough to get rid of everyday stains or spills. A bit of water and a soft fabric will do the job in most cases. You can still use regular dish soap for harder stains, but strictly avoid cleaners that contain harsh chemicals or rubbing the surface with abrasive pads. 

Calacatta Leon Kitchen

Calacatta Leon Quartz Price

Some top-tier marble  inspired MSI Calacatta Quartz stones, yet cannot compare to the enhanced strength, durability, and low-maintenance  of Calacatta Leon. MSI aims to offer beauty and functionality at affordable prices. Therefore, the cost of a Calacatta Leon countertop will cost less than an equivalent luxurious marble. However, it can be a bit more expensive than a common granite or marble slab. 

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In this section, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and short answers about Calacatta Leon.

The products from the MSI Q Premium Quartz collection are usually more expensive than an average natural or engineered stone.
The background color is a cool white with dramatic veins of light gray and dark gray.
Yes, it is. Calacatta Leon is perfect for those looking for a high-quality quartz countertop with little to no maintenance.
Yes, you can. The cool white background and distinctive gray veining allows you to match your countertop with various colors and décor styles.
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