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Salinas White Granite

Salinas white granite is an exotic white stone that appeals to many homeowners worldwide. The people prefer the stone due to its marble-like surface. If you love classical marble’s surface but want your stone to be much stronger and shiny, this granite is just for you.
In addition to typical features expected from a granite stone, salinas white granite is also characterized by its medium variation, timeless beauty, and exotic versatility. Furthermore, its predominantly white surface is accentuated by black and gray shades. Thus, creating a bright, vibrant look in your kitchen or a strong classical feeling outdoors with salinas white countertops is easy.

    Salinas White Granite Specifications And Applications

    Salinas white granite, also known as salinus, is a cool white with onyx speckles densely scattered on the surface. Typically, the stone is produced 2 cm or 3 cm thick, with polished finishes. The measures are usually arranged according to your place of use.

    It is a versatile white stone that you can use in various parts of your indoor and outdoor places. Therefore, it is not surprising to see salinus in a kitchen as a countertop or backsplash, in a garden as a poolside frame, or on the street as a memorial stone.

    What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Salinas White Granite?

    Extremely durable and hard surfaces are the most obvious reasons homeowners highly demand granite. However, aesthetically, the stone comes with distinctive pluses. White with cool shades of gray and black makes this stone a timeless architectural and decorative product. Here are a few inspiring ideas for you to make the most of it.

    Kitchen Countertops

    A bright and vibrant look on your kitchen countertop is pretty easy with this stone. A salinas countertop will match perfectly with white cabinets. If you are more into dark colors, black or dark gray cabinets and onyx appliances will look gorgeous.

    Bathroom Vanity Tops

    Classical bathroom stones have been marble for ages. However, you can get a similar look with other natural stones like salinas white granite. By choosing it, you can combine the strength of granite and the look of marble.


    This white granite stands as an inviting accent for your stairs, as well. Especially combined with black or balusters will give your home a sophisticated look. Then, any other color around will add a better statement, which looks more vivid and impressive.

    Poolside Surface

    It is an excellent choice for poolside surfaces. It gives you a strong and beautiful outdoor experience. You can also extend this beauty by using the same stone as paving material.

    Why Should You Choose Salinas White Granite?

    This granite stone is reputable for its mimicking marble. However, granite is stronger and harder. Light pewter and smoky tan make it easier for you to create lower contrast though there is noticeable black to gray speckles on the surface. This excellent dance of tones on a white surface makes the stone an essential kind of granite.

    Versatility and easy maintenance is another plus for this charming natural stone. You can use it both for residential and commercial purposes. Regardless of where you are, you can go with this stone if you need an accent both classic and alluring. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning and maintenance due to the easy-care characteristic of granite in general.

    Last but not least, the cost of this awesome stone is pretty affordable compared to other high-end products. As a mid-range granite stone, it will not demand lots of energy and money to find and buy.

    How To Take Care Of Salinas White Granite?

    Like many other granites, salinas white granite is easy to care for. Only a soft fabric and some water will be enough to give a daily cleaning to your granite surface. However, some harder types of stains might need extra cleaners. At this point, you should keep in mind that some chemicals can damage your granite surface, and thus you should use special granite cleaners instead.

    Salinas White Granite Price

    As a mid-range natural stone, it is usually offered at affordable prices. Of course, granite is more expensive than many other surface materials since it is a natural stone, and quarrying and transporting it is costly. However, it is still worth it for many homeowners.

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    Salinas White Granite FAQ

    What Color Is Salinas White Granite?

    It has got a white surface, and you can find onyx, black, and gray speckles and smoky pewter smoky tones.

    What Level Is Salinas White Granite?

    It is a Level-C stone.

    Is Salinas White Granite Expensive?

    It is a medium-priced natural stone.

    Is Salinas White Granite Popular?

    Yes, salinas white stones are very popular, and you can see various uses of them in many residential and commercial places.

    Where Does Salinas White Granite Come From?

    It is quarried in Brazil.
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