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Calacatta Ultra

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Calacatta Ultra stands out with its pure white background and very subtle veining. As one of the best pieces of the Q Premium Quartz series offered by MSI, Calacatta Ultra brings  glamor and elegance to your spaces. 

Due to its white backdrop and delicate veins, homeowners can use this beautiful stone in various spaces such as kitchen countertops, waterfall islands, backsplashes, flooring, or any bathroom surfaces. Calacatta Ultra Quartz is an engineered stone made of natural quartz pieces. The reputable MSI Quartz ensures all the products’ quality. Calacatta Ultra is a perfect material for many homeowners owing to its incredibly hard and beautiful surface. 

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      Calacatta Ultra Specifications and Applications

      Calacatta Ultra is a strong blend of natural quartz crystals and high-quality resins. The mixture is pressed using high-tech equipment, thus making  slabs stronger than ever before. Then, the slabs are cut into smaller pieces. Calacatta Ultra quartz slabs are offered in two thickness sizes, 2 cm, and 3 cm. They only offer a polished finish for this marvelous quartz stone.

      Homeowners can use Calacatta Ultra in different parts of their homes since there is no variation among the slabs. Depending on the type of project and décor, professionals can help you select the best surface option for you. 

      What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Calacatta Ultra?

      Calacatta Ultra MSI is a brilliant way to integrate both light and dark colors into various design concepts. Here you can find some design ideas to use with this beautiful, engineered stone:

      Indoor Applications

      • Kitchen backsplash
      • Bathroom flooring
      • Kitchen countertop
      • Bathroom vanity top
      • Waterfall island
      • Accent walls
      Calacatta Ulta Quartz

      Outdoor Applications

      • Outdoor kitchen worktop
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        Why Should You Choose Calacatta Ultra?

        Engineered quartz stones offered by MSI are among the most popular surface materials around the world. Calacatta Ultra, for example, is a superb surface solution for many people as they seek the beauty of natural marble but without the excessive maintenance. Since the surface is nonporous,  stains and spills cannot penetrate the inner structure of the stone. Therefore, it is a great advantage to have an engineered quartz countertop like Calacatta Ultra.

        Calacatta Ultra countertops are beautiful and go well with various décor concepts in kitchens. They allow homeowners to have their dream kitchen by complementing dark or white cabinets, silver or brass fixtures, and many appliances of almost any color or finish. In bathrooms, Calacatta Ultra exudes a spa-like feeling without compromising strength along with the added benefit of low maintenance. Calacatta Ultra can make an excellent flooring and vanity top material in the bathroom, as well. 

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        How to Take Care of Calacatta Ultra?

        MSI Calacatta Ultra is known for its easy care and maintenance regime. Actually, the low maintenance, along with its shiny surface, is one of the main factors enticing people to buy quartz stones. The nonporous and extra hard surface makes this stone resistant to stains and impact. Therefore, you don’t ever need to seal the surface of Calacatta Ultra.

        As for cleaning, it is also a very easy procedure. Especially, everyday stains and spills are much easier to clean. Wiping the surface using a small amount of water is enough. For harder stains, you can use a small amount of dish soap in addition to water. Remember that the fabric or sponge you wipe the surface with should be soft because harsh rubbing might end up causing a dull surface over time. Also, abrasive chemicals might cause the same problem in the long term. 


        Calacatta Ultra Price

        MSI quartz is inspired by Calacatta marble, but with more resilience and easier maintenance. Also, the price is more affordable in comparison. Considering the aesthetic and functional advantages of the products, countertops like Calacatta Ultra Quartz cost is very reasonable. The exact price, of course, depends on different variables such as the specifications you want and your location.

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        Some of the most frequently asked questions about Calacatta Ultra are answered briefly in this section.

        MSI Quartz countertops are usually more expensive than mid-range natural stones, but they are more affordable compared to high-end natural stones.

        Calacatta Ultra Quartz Countertop has a pure white background. The background has traces of gray linear veining. 

        Yes, it is. Calacatta Ultra has a nonporous surface and is impact-resistant. Because of the easy care routine it offers, Calacatta Ultra is a good choice.

        Yes, you can. Wood-colored cabinets are one of the most popular décor options that people prefer to use with Calacatta Ultra.

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