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Silestone Blanco Maple

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Blanco Maple Silestone gives the impression of purity and minimalism that can complement a lot of areas of your home. Blanco Maple is highly versatile in terms of color scheme and architectural decoration. It is an awesome surface option in kitchens, bathrooms, or even flooring. The color is mottled white, which pairs well with a wide range of colors and textures.

Blanco Maple Silestone is also very hard and durable, just like other Silestone products. Silestone is becoming more popular in the market and providing millions of people with high-quality quartz stones. 

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Silestone Blanco Maple Specifications and Applications

Silestone Blanco Maple is a beautifully engineered stone made of natural quartz. Quartz crystals are bound together using resin, and then color pigments are added to make this amazing slab. The surfaces of all silestones are covered with an antimicrobial layer to keep the bacteria away from the stones’ surface.

Blanco Maple is offered in diverse specifications to fit various needs. Typically, 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm thickness options are available. The product is also offered in two finish options: polished and suede. Homeowners can choose the optimum size and finish options for their spaces. 

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Blanco Maple Silestone?

Blanco Maple is quite attractive and versatile, making it the perfect choice for many people. Here are some decor ideas that you can consider when using Maple Blanco.

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom countertop
  • Kitchen countertop

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop

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      Why Should You Choose Blanco Maple Silestone?

      Silestone Blanco Maple is a great way to create fresh vibes without using extra accessories. Neutral speckles on the crisp white surface easily creates an amazing pairing with a wide range of furniture and appliances. The shiny whitesurface adds brightness and a sparkle, thus uplifting the homeowners’ mood and energy.
      As for the structural specifications, Blanco Maple is a wise choice that provides you with both beauty and robust quality. Since the slabs are made from quartz pieces, they are very strong and hard. Thus, Blanco Maple Silestone Quartz offers outstanding durability. In this respect, it is a great alternative to many other natural and engineered stones. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance product, making it a good choice if you are concerned about cleaning and upkeep. 

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      How to Take Care of Blanco Maple Silestone?

      Blanco Maple Silestone does not require special cleaning products, necessarily. In most cases, a small amount of water and a soft sponge is enough for daily cleanup. Rather than using expensive cleaning agents, simple but immediate action is more important. This can save the slab from discoloration and looking dulling in the future. Remember that abrasive cleaners containing hard chemicals can easily deteriorate the countertop surface.
      Blanco Maple Silestone doesn’t require sealing. The surface is already layered strongly in resin and is highly resilient to breaking, cracks, and scratches. Of course, you should avoid cutting or dicing on the surface without a cutting board. 


      Silestone Blanco Maple Price

      Generally speaking, Silestone prices are higher compared to other engineered or natural stones. Blanco Maple is still a good bargain for a lot of homeowners, especially when they are on a budget. The countertops are classified into six price groups, with Group 1 being the least expensive and Group 6 being the most expensive. The Blanco maple is in Group 2.


      Here you can find some of the most popular questions about Silestone Maple Blanco.
      Blanco Maple is a more affordable slab compared to other silestone products. So, it can be a viable countertop solution for many customers.
      Silestone Quartz Blanco Maple has a mottled white surface.
      It is made from natural crystals. The pieces are blended with resin additives and pigments.