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Desert Silver Silestone

Desert silver silestone is distinctive with its clear and fine veins. These beautiful veins on the light gray surface give an icy feeling. The surface is highly satisfying if you are already in love with marble stones. However, silestone is much stronger and more durable than marble.  

Silestone, made of quartz crystals, is incredibly durable, and it offers a long service time. Homeowners can use this lovely stone with little to no maintenance. 

    Desert Silver Silestone Specifications and Applications

    Just like other silestone products, desert silver is made from quartz crystals. A small amount of resin is added to bind the quartz crystals together stronger. Also, since many homeowners are concerned about protecting the surface against germs, antimicrobial protection is applied to the surface. 

    The color scheme of desert silver is distinguished by its light gray surface with fine veins. The surface of desert silver is just amazing with polished finishing. However, you can still prefer the suede finishing as well, depending on your overall design. Available thicknesses of silestone desert silver quartz are 1,2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. You are advised to go thicker with horizontal surfaces carrying the load, while it is possible to save some money by choosing the thinner slabs for vertical uses such as wall cladding.

    What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Desert Silver Silestone?

    Combining the traditional with contemporary, silestone desert silver offers a high-level versatility in addition to its functional and aesthetic features. Here are some design ideas that you can make the most of your silestone silver desert.

    Indoor Applications

    Outdoor Applications

    • Kitchen countertop
    • Kitchen backsplash
    • Sinks
    • Bathroom vanity tops
    • Wall cladding
    • Outdoor kitchen bars

    Why Should You Choose Desert Silver Silestone?

    Silestone silver stone is known for its icy surface while still having a concrete look. Though some people love this industrial feel, it might feel cold for some others. Fortunately, this beautiful stone has delicate white veins that soften the raw-looking surface. Thus, it becomes a perfect choice for many people of different tastes. Desert silver polished silestone is an exceptional product with its awesome icy look. If you want to create a different texture, you can look at silestones with suede finishing. 

    Aside from the aesthetic advantages, the stone also provides the homeowners with durability and easy maintenance beyond expectations. The surface is incredibly hard, and thanks to the N-Boost technology of silestone, it is almost non-porous. It means better hygiene and easy cleaning. 

    How to Take Care of Desert Silver Silestone?

    The exclusive N-Boost technology offers you pretty easy maintenance. A simple wiping with a soft fabric does the job in most cases. However, you should still avoid abrasive chemicals for cleaning a silestone desert silver countertop. The surface is also resistant to daily heat and scratches, and it does not need to be resealed periodically.

    Silestone Desert Silver Cost

    Silestone’s eternal series includes some of the most expensive stones, and silestone eternal desert silver is one of those high-end products. However, since it offers a long-time functionality and beauty, you can consider it an investment. Smart investments like buying this stone will add a significant resale value to your home if you want to sell your home later.

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    Silestone Desert Silver FAQ

    What Is Silestone?

    Silestone is the company manufacturing engineered quartz stones. The stone desert silver silestone is one notable product in the “eternal” collection.

    What Is N-Boost Technology On The Surface Of Desert Silver Silestone?

    N-Boost is molecular-level technology that offers more intensive colors while adding a built-in layer on the surface. The stone becomes water repellent and highly resistant to scratches and stains.

    Is Silestone A Natural Stone?

    No. Since they use dye and resin products during the manufacturing process, silestone is an engineered stone. Engineered stones are not purely natural; however, the quartz used is natural and makes up more than 90% of the stone.
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