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Landmark Surfaces Countertop Products

Landmark Surfaces is proud to offer high-quality products, including a wide selection of countertop materials and accessories in our inventory. After 30 years of working in the design industry, we have an incredible depth of knowledge about the products, quarries, and manufacturers around the world. We put that experience to work for you by bringing together the kinds of brands and stone materials we trust, so much so that we even offer a warranty for your purchases from our stock.

Investing in a new countertop is an upfront expense, but there’s no more eye-catching and obvious way to give your home a fresh new feel that can even add real dollar value to your property in the long-term. Our designers can help you think about the value over time and choose a stone countertop that not only fits your lifestyle at home or in the office now but will remain beautiful and relevant for years to come.

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We Offer Different Solutions

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Natural stone countertops are the polished and cut result of stone quarry mining around the world. Large blocks are cut from mineral deposits deep in the earth, often subjected to intense heat and pressure over time to harden the stone into the beautiful and unique patterns you recognize as granite, marble, limestone, and more. Investing in a durable, beautiful stone countertop will instantly boost your home’s market value and visual appeal. The best feature of a stone countertop is the ability to hand-pick a one-of-a-kind slab that will never match another piece—even one cut from the same quarry. Natural stone is unique and durable, making it a classic countertop material.
Engineered stone, often called quartz, is not fake. It is made from over 90% real stone. The difference between engineered stone and natural stone is that quartz uses a manufactured process of binding ground-up stone with polymer resins to create a hard, nonporous surface. Because this material is engineered, not quarried, allows for a much wider range of colors, color-matching, and consistency than you’ll find from searching through slabs of natural stone. Unlike cheaper laminate countertops, quartz has an even, three-dimensional shine that mimics the natural stone patterns of marble or granite.
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Choose According To Your Favorite

Natural Stones

We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of studio is made individually

Engineered Stones

We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of studio is made individually


We create stylish and comfortable interior design. Any project of studio is made individually

Emil America
Corian Quartz

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      Choosing Between Natural & Engineered Stone

      The choice between natural and engineered stone doesn’t have a single right answer. Your personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle will determine which unique stone is right for your individual life.

      Customers often prefer the look of natural stone, especially considering each slab is one-of-a-kind., Natural stone, however, is often more expensive. But with such a wide range of stone slabs, including granite, marble, travertine, soapstone, limestone, and quartzite, Landmark Surfaces can cater to most home improvement budgets with in-stock supplies.

      If the appearance is what you’re after but without the care or price tag, you might be just as satisfied with an engineered stone that mimics the pattern of streaked granite or marble. Engineered stone is also nonporous, meaning that unlike natural stone, it doesn’t require re-sealing, just a quick wipe down with mild soap. Take a look at our Case Studies page to see examples of both kinds of stone in homes and offices around the state. If you have more detailed questions, visit our Resources page for a comprehensive buying guide or contact our designers today.

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      Our Process



      1. Material selection

      At this stage, you will choose stone, color, edge type and, accessories.



      2. In-Home Estimate

      We give in-home estimates if you don't know how to get rough measurements of your current countertops.



      3. Layout & Approval

      A digital layout is a choice depending on the materials selected.



      4. Fabricating

      We'll move on to the fabrication stage once you've accepted the digital layout.



      5. Installation

      We'll get in touch with you to arrange for installation.



      6. Complete The Project