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Eternal Statuario Silestone

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Silestone eternal statuario, inspired by Carrara marble, is a white Silestone with tiny shades of gray and sparkling highlights. Though it almost looks pure white from afar, the sense of depth within the mesmerizing soft white surface is perfect.

The soft white surface is dramatically fresh and reflective, which can neatly brighten your kitchen or bathroom. Also, the veining on the surface is not much pronounced, unlike many other white stones. Thus, it stands out as a smart choice for those looking for a brightening surface with less busy veining at the same time.

High-quality and exceptional durability is always ensured in Silestone countertops. The composition of the stones involves natural quartz pieces, and the surface is layered with superior protective materials. Therefore, it offers easy maintenance and long service life.

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Silestone Eternal Statuario Specifications and Applications

Silestone is made out of natural quartz pieces that comprise more than 90% of the composition. The quartz crystals are bound to each other to make one of the hardest materials in the world. Special resin materials are used to keep this composition together. The surface is also covered with a protective layer to block the bacteria tending to penetrate the stone. Moreover, the hard and extra-strong surface is highly resistant to scratches or chips.

There are various thicknesses and finishing options. You can find this marvelous stone with 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm thickness options. Depending on your style and preference, you can pick the right size. As for finishing, eternal statuario silestone is offered with polished and suede alternatives. You should consider the overall design of your home and think about the other colors and textures around the stone.

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Silestone Eternal Statuario?

Thanks to their beautiful surfaces and durable composition, Silestone products are always functional and versatile. Here are some places that you can beautify using Silestone et. Statuario.

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom floor and walls
  • Bathroom vanity top
Eternal Statuario Silestone Countertop

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop
  • Poolside walls

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Why Should You Choose Silestone Eternal Statuario?

Silestone eternal statuario looks simple yet still glamorous enough to showcase your style and other design elements. It looks like pure white from a distance, but it welcomes you with nice soft shades of gray and spectacular veins when you have a closer look at it. It is one of the best stones to create the feeling of depth without being too shiny or assertive. If you have silestone eternal statuario, your kitchen will look much more inviting.

Besides being a silestone, eternal statuario is highly strong and durable. You can use it for years while adding a significant amount of resale value to your home. Moreover, the maintenance of the statuario is pretty easy, which saves you a lot of time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Eternal Statuario Silestone
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How to Take Care of Silestone Eternal Statuario?

Little or no maintenance is what makes Silestone one of the best options among many others for quite a lot of homeowners. The stone’s surface is layered with a protective material that makes the stone even harder and resistant to chips or scratches, as well as hot or cold. More importantly, the surface layer never allows bacteria to settle on or in the stone. As a result, it makes Silestone a more viable alternative in places where public health is more concerned, like hospitals, restaurants, or laboratories.

However, it is still good to wipe the surface after using it. Just a piece of wet cloth can do the job normally. You are advised to avoid hard chemical cleaners as they might damage the stone.

Eternal Serena Silestone

Silestone Eternal Statuario Price

Eternal statuario is one of the most expensive pieces of silestone. Compared to other natural or engineered stones, the price might sound a bit higher. However, considering the excellent technical and aesthetic specifications, the stone is worth it.

It also offers a lifetime service time, which means it is an additional resale value for your home in case you want to sell your home later in the future. You can ask your contractor to arrange everything about the products, or you can buy them yourself at local stores around you.

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Silestone Eternal Statuario FAQ

Among six price groups offered by Cosentino (the creator of Silestone), Silestone eternal statuario is ranged in Group-6, which involves the top-tier and the most expensive.

The base color is white, and soft gray shades and dots add a shiny and luxurious look.

Yes, definitely. It is a top-tier Silestone product, and it offers obvious aesthetic and functional benefits to homeowners.

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