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Stellar Snow Silestone

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Stellar Snow Silestone is a white stone with beautiful bright pieces peppered throughout the bright white background. The quartz pieces look like tiny mirrors as they shine beautifully in the right light. The twinkling stone surface has the potential to add a fresh and bright look to anywhere you prefer to use it.
The stellar series offered by Silestone is well-known for the glass mirrored effect scattered on the surface. The mirror effect created by tiny quartz pieces allows the homeowners to match the stone with many color options. 
The excellent quality of the Silestone is always ensured by Cosentino. Many homeowners opt for Silestone rather than many other natural or engineered stones due to its exceptional strength and durability.

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Stellar Snow Silestone Specifications and Applications

Stellar snow is formed by natural quartz crystals. The composition also includes a little bit of resin and pigments. The binding of the quartz crystals are strong, and the surface is extra hard and shiny thanks to the advanced technology used in the manufacturing process. Moreover, the surface is resistant to bacteria, thus, it never allows microbes into the structure of the stone.

The product is offered with polished finishes only. However, you can choose various sizes in thickness. They offer 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm thicknesses, just like other Silestone slabs. Considering the overall design of your place, you can discuss your expectations and design ideas with your contractor and pick the right option for you.

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas with Stellar Snow Silestone?

Mirror-like quartz pieces on the surface of stellar snow help you to match it with various colors. Here are some ideas on how you can use this lovely stone.

Indoor Applications

  • Bathroom vanity top
  • Shower walls
  • Kitchen countertop
Stellar Snow Silestone Bath

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop
  • Poolside walls

Discover Your Perfect Surface Solution

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Whether you’re seeking a free estimate, a showroom visit, or an in-home evaluation, our team is ready to transform your space. Complete the form below, sharing project details, and let us tailor a personalized solution just for you. Enhance your home or business with the ideal countertop—your journey to exceptional surfaces begins here.

    Why Should You Choose Stellar Snow Silestone?

    Stellar Snow makes a striking difference in your bathroom and kitchen. The shiny bright surface lets you accentuate other design elements as well as give you a classic look. Also, the technical specifications of stellar are superior to other options. The composition involves natural quartz; more than 90% of the overall composition, in fact. This makes the stone incredibly strong and durable.

    The technology used on the surface is another big plus for Silestone. The protective layer keeps spills and stains on the outside of the stone so that it will never get absorbed into it. This means that stains or germs cannot penetrate the stone, and all you have to do is wipe them from the surface.

    Stellar Snow Silestone
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    How to Take Care of Stellar Snow Silestone?

    Easy maintenance is one of the best things about this stone. In fact, it requires almost no maintenance. Just a simple wiping with a few drops of water is enough. Of course, you can still use special cleaners meant for natural stones. However, you should avoid using some chemicals for cleaning as they might deteriorate the surface structure of the stone.

    You can use this beautiful stone in various places, including the highest traffic areas of the home. The hard surface is resilient against chips or scratches, so you don’t need to worry about potential problems, just enjoy. Plus, no resealing is required, so it is highly practical.

    Stellar Snow Silestone

    Silestone Stellar Snow Price

    Silestone products are offered in six price categories. The stones of the stellar series are among the mid-range products in terms of pricing. Though Silestone products are generally more expensive than other alternatives, the stellar snow quartz price is still reasonable when you consider the technical specifications and excellent beauty. Also, Silestone can offer you a service life for a long time and a significant amount of resale value.

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    Stellar Snow Silestone FAQ

    It is a mid-range Silestone product, but the stellar snow by silestone is still above the average considering all other natural stones and engineered stone options.

    In stellar snow, the base color is white, and there are glass pieces peppered on the surface.

    If you want a beautiful and functional surface with easy maintenance, a silestone stellar is perfect for you. There are few things more beautiful than a silestone stellar snow quartz kitchen countertop.