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Corian® Quartz / Zodiaq Tranquil & Radiant Countertops And Slabs

DuPont Corian® Quartz / Zodiaq surfaces are a new form of surfacing material that has the depth, transparency, radiance, and strength of corian quartz countertops crystal. Corian® Quartz / Zodiaq combines natural and technological elements. A modern type of surface material that can be used both horizontally and vertically. This stone reflects the light, suggesting a feeling of illuminating luxury.
The DuPont Corian® Quartz / Zodiaq countertops surfaces are made of a high-tech composite material that contains pure quartz crystals. Quartz countertops made with DuPont Corian® Quartz / Zodiaq surfaces are also extremely durable and resistant to heat and scratches, as quartz is one of nature’s strongest materials. corian quartz can be cut and fit to meet exacting requirements, allowing you a wide range of design options

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Abyss Black
Corian® Quartz
Alpha Brown
Corian® Quartz
Antique Pearl
Corian® Quartz
Astral Pearl
Corian® Quartz
Autumn Light
Corian® Quartz
Bianco Carrara
Corian® Quartz
Black Forest
Corian® Quartz
Borealis Blue
Corian® Quartz
Calm Springs
Corian® Quartz

The Answers to All Your About Corian® Quartz / Zodiaq

Our help center can instantly give you answer to many frequently asked questions. 

What are DuPont corian quartz surfaces?

DuPont Zodiaq® Corian quartz surfaces bring the beauty of natural quartz together with DuPont technology to create a new and exciting possibilities. Because Zodiaq is made of 93% quartz, it combines the unusual light play and depth of quartz crystals with exceptional clarity in a broad range of radiant colors. Quartz is also one of the hardest naturally occurring materials.

What are the design capabilities of DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfaces?

Corian quartz/ Zodiaq can be used for walls and countertops. A wide variety of edge treatments are also possible. Due to the extreme hardness of the material, special diamond cutting tools must be used in fabrication.

What colors, thicknesses and sheet sizes are available?

The Zodiaq palette of more than 30 colors ranging from Cloud White to Space Black. Slabs: Available in 52″ (1.3m) x 118″ (3m). Thicknesses: Available in 3/4″ (2cm) and 1-1/8″ (3cm).

What care and maintenance does Zodiaq require?

Zodiaq quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain because they are durable, nonporous and chemical-resistant. They require no sealants or waxes to retain their lustrous gloss and ultra-smooth surface. Routine cleaning may be done with a damp cloth or paper towel and, if necessary, a small amount of non-bleach, nonabrasive cleanser.

Can Zodiaq be used in food preparation areas?

DuPont Zodiaq quartz surfaces are nonporous and can be used in the kitchen, or wherever food is prepared.

How well does Zodiaq withstand heat, scratches and stains?

Zodiaq is resistant to heat, scratching and staining. However, the use of trivets or hot pads is recommended. A cutting board should be used when slicing or chopping, especially with a serrated knife. Spills should be wiped up quickly; a nonabrasive cleaning pad and a non-bleach cleaning product may be used to remove stubborn or dried spills.
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