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Cambria Oakleigh

Luxury Design

Cambria Oakleigh stands out with its remarkable style featuring exquisite black and gold veins on a cool white background. The colors and dazzling pattern appeal to many homeowners all around the world.
Cambria Oakleigh Quartz stones deliver exceptional quality as well as outstanding beauty. The inner and outer structure of the slabs provides one of the best countertop experiences for homeowners. The slabs are incredibly hard and strong, which makes them very durable. Along with its strength and beauty, Cambria Oakleigh requires only minimal upkeep. 

Cutting-edge engineering and sustainable manufacturing practices make Cambria Quartz stones a special choice. Homeowners who buy Cambria Quartz know that they have invested in a long-lasting and beautiful material, with the additional benefit of saving the environment for generations to come.

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Cambria Oakleigh Specifications And Applications

Cambria Oakleigh slabs are available in a Jumbo slab size 132”x 65,5” with two thickness options of 2 cm and 3 cm. There are also 3×3 or 12×10 samples available if you want to visualize them in your place before buying. Finish options for Cambria Oakleigh are high gloss and Cambria Matte®. Cambria holds sustainability certifications from authorities such as NSF, Declare, and HPD.

Cambria Oakleigh countertops or backsplashes pair well with dark-colored cabinetry and kitchen appliances. 

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Oakleigh Cambria Quartz?

Here you can see some application ideas to use Cambria Oakleigh in your home:

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom vanity top
  • Waterfall island
  • Accent walls
Oakleigh Cambria

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop

Discover Your Perfect Surface Solution

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    Oakleigh Island Top

    Why Should You Choose Oakleigh Cambria Quartz?

    Cambria Oakleigh is renowned for its easy maintenance. Since the surface of the Cambria Quartz stones are nonporous, many homeowners prefer quartz countertops to avoid staining or discoloration in their kitchen.
    Cambria Oakleigh’s superior surface quality combines stain resistance and scratch resistance for the ultimate work surface experience. Small scratches or etches are not big problems for Cambria Oakleigh countertops because the manufacturer, Cambria, only uses the finest quartz pieces and resin materials to create the hardest and the most compact surface for you.
    Cambria Oakleigh offers not only high performance but also exceptional aesthetic beauty. The colors and patterns on the surface make it a popular choice for many people. 

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    How To Take Care Of A Cambria Oakleigh Countertop?

    Cambria Oakleigh is a very low-maintenance surface option. First of all, you don’t need to seal it since the slabs are already nonporous. Simply wiping the countertop with a soft sponge or cloth will do the job. Adding mild dish soap and warm water might be necessary when removing harder stains.
    Cambria, the manufacturer of Oakleigh Cambria Quartz, recommends homeowners use trivets and hot pads in case of heat damage. Direct heat transfer might damage the additive materials used in the structure of the slabs. 

    Oakleigh Hotel Lobby
    Oakleigh Countertop

    Cambria Oakleigh Price

    Cambria Oakleigh Quartz stone costs around $110 per square foot. The price can range between $100 to $ 150 per square foot when the installation cost is factored in. The exact cost of Cambria Oakleigh is subject to change depending on your region and project details. 

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    Some of the most frequently asked questions about Cambria Oakleigh Quartz stone are answered here: 

    Cambria Quartz Oakleigh costs somewhere between $90 and $150 depending on the stock availability, installation costs, your project details, and your location. 

    Cambria Oakleigh is a white slab with black and understated gold veins.
    Yes, it is. Cambria Oakleigh is the perfect choice for those looking for quality, practicality, and beauty all in one.
    Yes, you can. Cambria Oakleigh also pairs well with dark wood colors if you want to create a warmer atmosphere.
    No, Oakleigh Cambria is scratch resistant. However, avoid using knives or abrasive sponges directly on the surface.

    Cambria Oakleigh is moderately heat resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 149 degrees Celsius. 

    Yes, it is. The non-porous surface protects it from staining and discoloration.