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Silestone Miami White

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Miami White Silestone is one of the most popular choices for those who appreciate the purity of white. Silestone Miami White is an impressive countertop option owing to its versatility and low maintenance. Thanks to its pure white surface color, almost any design  style is possible with Miami White Silestone Quartz. So, there is no  need to worry about using a Miami White countertop because if you ever decide to change the existing decorations or style later it will still look great.

Miami White Silestone is actually a quartz-origin countertop manufactured by Cosentino. Therefore, it is extremely hard and strong. Countless homeowners  use Silestone countertops for many years as they offer incredible durability with little to no maintenance. 

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Silestone Miami White Specifications and Applications

Silestone Miami White is a brilliant engineered quartz stone that can beautify any living place. The slabs of Miami White are made from quartz crystals. The pieces of quartz are bound together using resin additives. Then, an antibacterial layer is added to the surface for protection from bacteria buildup.
Miami White Silestone Quartz is produced in three thickness sizes: 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. The thicker sizes are better for heavy traffic areas like kitchen countertops or flooring. The slabs are also offered in polished and suede finish options. Customers can choose the most ideal Silestone Miami White slab for their needs to suit their expectations. 

What Are Some Inspiration Ideas With Miami White Silestone?

Miami White is the perfect way to enhance your bathrooms’ and kitchens’ beauty and  quality. Here are some nice décor ideas to use Miami White Silestone Quartz.

Indoor Applications

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Bathroom vanity top
Miami White Silestone

Outdoor Applications

  • Outdoor kitchen worktop
  • Pool-side flooring

Discover Your Perfect Surface Solution

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Whether you’re seeking a free estimate, a showroom visit, or an in-home evaluation, our team is ready to transform your space. Complete the form below, sharing project details, and let us tailor a personalized solution just for you. Enhance your home or business with the ideal countertop—your journey to exceptional surfaces begins here.

    Why Should You Choose Miami White Silestone?

    Silestone Miami White is pure white, giving it a clean, fresh, and sophisticated vibe throughout the home. The striking white surface is exceptionally versatile. Therefore, it can compliment almost any color around it. Moreover, you can make a huge statement with your favorite color on the cabinets, appliances, or walls by simply pairing it with Miami White Silestone in your home. Miami White is also very strong and durable. In this regard, it is one of the hardest materials when compared to other natural and engineered stones. Moreover, the countertop surface is covered with a special layer that blocks the bacteria from getting into the stone. Finally, easy cleaning and low maintenance are the other great advantages of this amazing stone.
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    How to Take Care of Miami White Silestone?

    A lot of homeowners prefer Cosentino products for their easy maintenance. Silestone Miami White is one of the best examples of low-maintenance countertops. Daily cleaning is not a big deal because all you have to do is wipe the countertop surface with a damp sponge or cloth. In most cases, you don’t need special cleaners for granite or other natural stones. 

    Another benefit of Miami White Silestone Quartz is its easy maintenance. Users don’t need to seal the stone surface. The outer surface is already covered with a hard antimicrobial layer. Therefore, the surface is resistant to various external factors such as damage, discoloration, chips…etc. However, using a cutting board is still strongly advised while preparing foods on the countertop. 

    Miami-White Kitchen

    Silestone Miami White Price

    The price of Silestone is usually higher than an average granite or marble. Nonetheless, Miami White is still a good option for a lot of homeowners, even if they are on a budget. Cosentino, the manufacturer of silestones, classifies the slabs into 6 price groups, with Group 1 being the least expensive and Group 6 being the most expensive. The Miami White is in Group 1. 

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    Here you can find a few popular questions about Silestone Maple Blanco.
    Miami White is one of the least expensive countertops offered by Cosentino. So, if you want a good-quality white slab at an affordable price, Miami White Silestone is perfect for you.
    Silestone Quartz Miami White is clean white.
    Yes, it is. Miami White is made from natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest materials. Also, the engineering process of the material promises a lifetime service life.