What’s New in the Shower? Full Slabs and Invisible Drains

Could your shower use an upgrade? There’s plenty you can do that goes far beyond installing a new shower head or faucet. Showers are becoming more streamlined, with fewer grout lines, bigger slabs, and shower drains that are nearly invisible. The result is stunning, with elegantly clean lines.

Why are full slabs desirable? For one thing, they require less grout. The look of tiny tiles with heavy grout is outdated, and today’s kitchen and bath designers are using natural stone slabs on the shower walls and floors. Full slabs with little grout not only make for a striking appearance, but they’re easier to clean as well.

One thing that’s making these full slab shower floors a trend is the availability of nearly invisible shower drains. These drains are an elegant solution to a utilitarian need, and they give the shower a clean look as well as making it easier to clean. Manufacturers have come up with several different ways to accomplish these barely-visible drains. Some popular option is to conceal the drain in an inlay of marble, granite, or whatever other shower floor covering you choose so that it looks like the water is magically disappearing into the floor. 

One thing to keep in mind if you choose a slab shower base is that natural stone can be slippery. It’s extremely important to maintain your stone slab by making sure it’s sealed well once a year. You’ll need to do this to keep mold and mildew at bay and help the stone repel water. It’s also advisable to choose a honed finish or have very small grooves placed into the slab to give you some traction. You also might want to consider two drains, to help the water to drain more quickly.

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