What to Expect When Installing Granite Countertops

Have you picked out new granite countertops for your kitchen? You may be excited to transform the space with a stunning, durable new counter. Here’s what to expect when installing granite countertops so you can make the necessary preparations.

On Installation Day

Schedule your granite countertop installation for a day when you’ll be at home. The team will go over the process with you before work begins and request your approval once complete. Here’s how to prepare for the crew’s arrival:

  • Clear off the counters, if present, to make sure they’re ready for removal. (If the installer requires the old counters to be removed prior to installation day, make sure the task is complete.)
  • Keep small children and pets out of the way for the day.
  • Cover furniture and textiles to protect them from dust.
  • Instruct the driver to park as close to the entrance as possible. Then, clear a path from the door to the installation site.
  • If other contractors are busy completing other projects, ask them to clear the area momentarily while the stone slabs are carried inside.

Granite Countertop Installation Process

Depending on the size and complexity of your countertops, the process may take around three to seven hours to complete. You’re welcome to watch, but you don’t need to remain in the room if you have other things to do. Here’s what the installation process entails:

  • Cutting holes: Transporting stone with openings for sinks and cooktops would increase the risk of breakage, so the installation team usually cuts holes onsite. This is done before carrying the slab inside. Then, on-the-spot adjustments can be made to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Leveling the counter: Level cabinets make it easier to install granite countertops, but small adjustments can be made using shims. Careful attention to detail ensures your counters are level and properly installed.
  • Seams and caulking: Epoxy is used to glue the countertop to the cabinets below, as well as to seal the seams between slabs. The color is selected carefully to help the seams blend in. Before the epoxy dries, the installer scrapes away any excess with a razor blade for a smooth, concealed finish.
  • Final review: The crew tidies up, wiping everything down to remove dust and debris before asking for your approval. Once you are completely satisfied with a job well done, the team packs up and leaves you to enjoy your beautiful new granite countertops.

Now that you know what to expect when installing granite countertops, you may be eager to begin. The team at United Granite is well qualified for the job, with 22 years of experience serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, and New Jersey. Our extensive inventory of natural and engineered stone gives you a vast selection of counters to choose from and allows for one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Contact us in Alexandria, Chantilly, or Fredericksburg, VA, or send us an email for more information about granite countertop installation.