How to Maintain Shiny Quartz Countertops

You have plenty of reasons to opt for quartz countertops. After all, this strong, durable engineered stone is loved for its beauty, consistency, and low-maintenance. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous and doesn’t require sealing. Still, a bit of care is needed to maintain shiny quartz countertops. Just follow these tips.

Use Mild Cleaners

Cleaning your countertops daily removes dust, crumbs, liquid spills, and bacteria. Simply wipe your counters using a wet, soapy rag. A mild all-purpose cleaner is also effective. Just be sure to steer clear of abrasive or harsh products that could etch and dull the surface. These include bleach, dishwashing soap, oven cleaner, paint stripper, and degreaser.

Treat Stains Immediately

While quartz is stain-resistant, dark-colored liquids may still leave marks behind, including coffee, tea, and red wine. Fortunately, adhesive remover is an effective way to treat quartz countertop stains without damaging the shine. Cover the stain with adhesive remover, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wipe the area with a clean cloth. Finish by rinsing with warm water.

Mind the Edges

Quartz is tough, but it can still chip and crack if you’re not careful. Avoid using blunt or sharp objects near the edges of the counter, and instruct your family members and guests to follow this rule as well.

Use Hot Pads & Cutting Boards

Heat resistance and scratch resistance are two top selling points of quartz countertops. These characteristics promote a more durable product that’s sure to last for decades to come. Still, it’s best to set pots, pans, and cookie sheets on hot pads to help prevent cracking and heat stains that can damage your counters. Then, continue using cutting boards rather than slicing and dicing food directly on the counter. Not only does this avoid unnecessary scratches, but it prevents the possibility of dulling your knives.

Keep Permanent Markers Away

The kitchen counter is a common place for kids to work on school projects. However, if the assignment involves drawing with markers, consider your options carefully. Permanent marker can be removed from quartz, but it requires harsh chemicals, which risks the shiny finish of your countertop. To prevent this, either insist that your children use washable markers or set up a different spot for them to work.

Hold onto Your Warranty Certificate

Reputable manufacturers provide product warranties for the customer’s peace of mind. Keep this information in a safe place so that if a defect causes the quartz to discolor or lose its shine, you’ll have a way to submit a warranty claim.

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