How To Choose The Best Granite Color For Your Countertops

When you’re choosing the various elements of your kitchen, it can be tricky to find the right colors and patterns to complement each other. If you’re planning to install a granite countertop, that’s a very popular choice- with good reason. Granite countertops are durable, easy to maintain, and beautiful. Best of all, granite countertops come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to find the right one to fit your kitchen. Just follow a few tips to make the right decision.

  • Consider your kitchen’s style. Your countertops are the prominent feature in your kitchen, so they have a huge impact on its aesthetic. You wouldn’t want to choose black granite, for example, in a country kitchen. That same slab, however, would be the perfect choice for a sleek modern or contemporary kitchen. In a kitchen with bold décor, a more adventurous granite may fit the bill, in deep blue, jewel red, or vibrant green.
  • Your cabinets are a major factor in choosing your granite color. The next most important visual aspect of your kitchen is the cabinetry. It’s crucial, then, that the cabinets and granite play well together. You can choose to complement or contrast, using brown granite with light cabinets, black granite with white, or neutral shades of granite with darker cabinets. It’s best to choose muted cabinets if you’re interested in a bold granite color, to keep your kitchen from looking too busy.
  • There are two ways to match cabinets and counters. When you’re trying to decide on your counters and cabinets, you can either look at the primary color of the granite or the color of the veining and marbling, unless it’s a solid colored granite. It’s simple to choose granite based on its primary color, but pairing the smaller flecks of color with elements in the kitchen can make the main color of the granite stand out.
  • Don’t discount the impact of kitchen size on your counter choice. Your countertops are going to have a major impact on how big or small your kitchen seems. If the room is small, a lighter color of granite can make it look more spacious. If you’ve got your heart set on black granite, be sure your kitchen is large enough to pull it off without feeling cramped.

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