How does Natural Stone Play Into Hygge?

How much do you know about hygge? Part of the Scandinavian decorating craze that’s captured the collective imagination, hygge is a Danish concept. More of a lifestyle than a style of decorating, it’s all about making things feel cozy and comforting. Think walks in the woods, time spent with friends, and curling up with a book amidst candles, sheepskin rugs, woven textiles, and a warm mug full of your favorite beverage. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” hygge is blond wood, warm pastries, gentle conversation, snug throws, and sitting in front of the fire in your most comfortable clothes. So how does natural stone play into all this coziness?  

As with most Scandinavian design, form follows function in hygge. Looking at photos of hygge décor, you’ll notice a variety of textures. Chunky cable knits, ceramics, fuzzy sheepskins, and alabaster candle holders give a certain solidity to the design, and that weight lends warmth. While the furniture may be light and airy, with blond wood and sleek surfaces, around the fireplace, you’ll see natural stone, lending to the sense of comforting safety. Stone is a material that grounds us and gives us a sense of stability, and that connects with hygge.  

Hygge isn’t all about staying indoors, either. While warm nights by the fire in pleasant company are part of the hygge aesthetic, so are brisk nights under the stars. Imagine a beautiful natural stone patio, where you sit amongst twinkling fairy lights, beside a welcoming fire pit, also made of natural stone. You’re wrapped in a soft, knit throw, you’re wearing an old favorite sweater and your softest cable-knit socks, and your favorite people are gathered. If you’ve ever had a night like this, where the wind plays in the trees and the warmth of the fire plays against the brisk evening air, you’ve experienced hygge. Are you ready to incorporate that feeling into your décor? 

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