Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Counter

You’re renovating your kitchen? How exciting! It can also be nerve-wracking, though, because you want to choose components that will serve you well for many years to come. When it’s time to choose the perfect kitchen counter, you’ve got some really great options.

  • Natural or engineered stone? There are many natural stones from which to choose, including marble, soapstone, and limestone, but the most popular option is granite. Granite is strong, durable, and versatile, and comes in slabs that have been mined straight from the earth. It comes in a wide range of colors, and can have a matte or polished finish.   Engineered stone is made of quartz, which is also very durable and comes in a variety of colors.
  • The way you use your counters makes a difference. If you’ll be using your counters constantly, and they’ll take a lot of abuse, you should steer clear of softer stones like soapstone or limestone, or stones that are highly reactive to acids, like marble and travertine. Aside from fitting the look of your kitchen, you’ll want to find a stone that fits the way it’s used.
  • Consider the maintenance. Some materials need vigilant attention, and some require very little care. Be realistic about how much time, energy, and money you will want to invest in cleaning, sealing, and maintaining your countertops, and choose a material that will work for you and fit with your lifestyle.
  • Your counters should match your budget. Countertops can range from inexpensive to extremely expensive, so determine how much you’re willing to spend before you shop. Remember that the size of your kitchen will factor into the cost of the counters; measure before you go so you’ll have a general idea of how much countertop you’ll need.
  • Don’t forget about the edge. The edge profile of your countertop finishes its look. If you’ve got a contemporary kitchen, you might want a simple straight edge, bullnose, or demi bullnose edge, while a bevel edge is perfect for an Art Deco kitchen. Formal kitchens are good places for an ogee or double ogee edge, and in a rustic kitchen, you might choose bullnose, demi bullnose, or triple pencil edge.

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